Monday, January 11, 2016

Cherokee Freedmen film BY BLOOD Available on ITUNES; Some Native Tribes GUILTY of Opression

For years we have been helping to publicize the Cherokee Freedmen Issue. A film titled BY BLOOD detailing the struggle to regain their treaty rights and hold the Cherokee Nation responsible, is now available on Itunes.

Though they were perpetually oppressed throughout America’s history, some Native American tribes were themselves guilty of oppression: they owned African slaves, a piece of American History that is often overlooked. After siding (and losing) with the Confederacy in the Civil War, the Cherokee Nation, among other tribes, signed a treaty with the Lincoln administration formalizing the tribal citizenship of its former slaves.

Nearly 140 years later, the Cherokee Nation began removing their African-American citizens. Today, the tribes continue to argue that their African-American citizens are not real Indians “by blood.” BY BLOOD chronicles Native Americans of African descent, or Freedmen, as they battle to regain their tribal citizenship.

Learn by about the  CHEROKEE FREEDMEN ISSUE:

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