Thursday, August 29, 2013

California Tribal Business Alliance Down to TWO MEMBERS, One is PALA, Meaning There should be NO stature here...

The California Tribal Business Alliance, a group that has exerted significant political power in recent years, is down to just two members.
 The Lytton Band of Pomo Indians left the group, Dave Palermo reported for T

That leaves the Pala Band of Luiseno Indians and the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians as members. With Pala proving themselves untrustworthy in dealings with their own membership, can they be taken seriously?

The CTBA formed in 2004 and consisted of a handful of tribes that were mostly represented by the same attorney. The group has often differed on policy and legal issues from most other tribes in the state. The group slowly lost members over the years.

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Anonymous said...

Robert Smith is losing his influence and nobody wants to work with this a-hole. When it's down to just Pala the alliance will have no power who's gonna follow one tribe? Also was Robert at Pala's pow-wow last weekend..I know he was at Rincon Fiesta when I was there. How sad Pala's own chairman has so many enemies and hated from his own tribe he can't go to his own Pow-wow. Leroy's out let's get him and Nieto out too be done with this mess already.