Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Enterprise Rancheria: First Amendment Retaliation Should Keep them from New Jerry Brown Casino.

Potential obstacles seem to keep popping up for the proposed Enterprise Rancheria> casino in Yuba County.

The latest came in a report that powerful Senate Democrat Kevin DeLeon of Los Angeles has sent a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown asking for delays in approving off-reservation casino agreements. It asks for the delay until a new overall state policy on such arrangements can be developed, the Los Angeles Times said.

The Times reported that among other issues, it asks Brown to delay submitting to the Legislature the deal he reached with Enterprise Rancheria for the Yuba County project.

Here's a letter on WHY the Enterprise Rancheria's plans should be summarily dismissed.  Violations of the FIRST AMENDMENT among others

Enterprise Rancheria may have had big dreams a decade ago,where their casino project was concerned, but I recall more vividly that at that same time they were disenrolling 72 of their own tribal members. Enterprise's dream turned into a nightmare for 72 members who signed a valid petition to recall the majority of their tribal council over difficulties with the handling of the tribe's Human Services Fund for the needy. I was the Vice Chairman of Enterprise Rancheria at that time.

I signed the recall petition and was subsequently disenrolled as well. The problems within the tribe are very real. Those of us disenrolled experienced a repeated violation of our civil rights during the disenrollment process. Unfortunately, you've got many of the same individuals involved in tribal government and still running the Enterprise Rancheria tribe today.

I'm a firm believer in you reap what you sow. So I took a census among the former tribal members, and I couldn't find one who felt sorry for Enterprise Rancheria.

Robert Edwards

Chairman, Indians of Enterprise No.1


'aamokat said...

From what I understand, the recall petition was legal that the disenolled submitted and not only did the Enterprise tribe ignore it, they retaliated by disenolling the signers. So much for tribes being fair and taking care of their own affairs in their own forums.

There is somebody who pops in here from time to time who trash talks about Mr. Edwards and puts the blame on him and his followers but really, knowing the track record of some California tribes, this person is probaby an Enterprise tribe tribal member stirring up trouble.

I have met Mr. Edwards and I have talked to him several times, both on the phone and at events such as California Native American Caucus meetings, and he seems like an honorable man to me and I believe that he and his fellow disenrollees have been wronged.

Anonymous said...

The person who you refer to is most likely a tribal member so what's your point? Talking to Edwards and meeting him a few times.is fine but many have known him for many years and know the real edwaerds. When asked to sign one of his petitions many followed because we trusted him. He didn't ask all the 72,he asked his now small group. That is a fact. What is an HONORABLE man? Not the real Edwards ! No one disputes your opinion of him because its just your opinion. A person is judged by their deeds and when he gets to the Gates of Heaven he has a lot of explaining to do, not just this tribal thing and he KNOWS what he has done.

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to say the same thing as above,Bob Edwards is not an honorable person. Growing up I knew him. He comes off as a very nice person but his deeds show the "NEW" Bob Edwards. Why Bob? What changed you? Seems like he likes the attention,and it puts him in a very petty place.etgiate5

Anonymous said...

Anyone here a good joke lately? Here is one... ROBERT EDWARDS.

Anonymous said...

Edwards got caught in his own trap. Shows how stupid he really is.He was the one who started all the trouble,he tried every way to get rid of that TC. His wife,who now is very disliked, pushed this so he could be chairman. The poor lady (ha)thinks she knows better than the tribe.There are many of those 72 who regret following those two power grabbers! What losers,for sure. I feel sorry for those who trusted them, but as Edwards says "you reap what you sew!"

Anonymous said...

If. There are any crooks in Enterprise Ramcheria its the present day chairperson and her little gang of close family members.Talk about self proclaimed , self centered group of bijackers ! They dive into tribal benifits right from the top as soon as they can write the check. No one to answer to and no one to regulate their spending. Enterprise dosent need a casino they need a Tribal Council Rebuild . If and when an HONEST member gets elected it doesn't take long for that existing tribal council to turn them around and lead them to the tribal cookie jar. No worries for tribal council, thy already hit the jackpot. Just another non leineal member thats sick of just being a head count.