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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Feds Put Tribal Casinos on Notice: Anti Money Laundering laws Apply to EVERY Corporation.

“All companies, especially casinos, are now on notice that America’s anti-money laundering laws apply to all people and every corporation, even if that company risks losing its most profitable customer.”

The Bank Secrecy Act requires casinos with annual revenue of at least $1 million to file the reports, which are then analyzed by government agencies to investigate possible violations of the law, according to the USAO news release.
In Riverside County, there are several casino operators, including Indian-owned operations.
According to Thom Mrozek, spokesman for the US. Attorney’s Office, Central District of California, none of these operators is exempt from today’s warning.
“Anti-money laundering laws and the various reporting requirements like SARs are dictated by federal law,” he said via email.
In Southwest Riverside County, Temecula is home to Pechanga Resort & Casino, while Lake Elsinore is the venue for the Lake Elsinore Hotel & Casino. Both offer gambling. Neither has been linked to any wrongdoing whatsoever in the Sands case.


Anonymous said...

Money laundering....Check into Chukchansi Gold Casino. I work at Table Mountain & I see Chukchansi tribal members & some high up management come into my work place when its busy. I see them go to the table games & slots. There in & out within 20mins. I tried to report this but my manager says nothing about it. I believe one person is part of Chukchansi's tribal council. I remember seeing her from the news papers. She is in my work place all the time

Anonymous said...

Could Jennie Miranda and her family be brought up on charges of money laundering and reco act violation of slot machines

Anonymous said...

This doesn't matter because the FEDS only look into the casino's money. The tribe takes it's cut after and Once it goes to the tribe it's a free for all for the councils because they have no oversight of what they do with the money and the tribal members don't know how much is actually there.

Anonymous said...

now if you illegally buy and or sell slot machines that is an RECO act violation. this is a federal law that does not matter were it is committed. this is what happened to Recon when there council bought and sold slot machine illegally. Their casino was shut down by the feds. When the compact came in they where able to reapply for a casino. Money laundering just goes hand in hand with illegal transactions. Bottom line Jennie , Anthony and Andrew Miranda were tribal elected officials.