Thursday, January 7, 2010

Will Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar Leave Office BEFORE Holding Tribes That Have Violated Their People's Civil Rights Accountable?

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has been named as a possible successor to Bill Ritter in Colorado. That means he could be the first of President Barack Obama's Cabinet to leave. Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter (D) announced Wednesday that he would not seek reelection this fall, saying it would free him "to make the tough and unpopular decisions that need to be made. His departure could also affect the Interior Department's top staff, because Salazar brought several aides with him. And, lastly, the title is a JOKE. Does anyone REALLY think Salazar cares about the THOUSANDS of tribal members that have been harmed by their tribes in America? Is there a LISTENING meeting scheduled for them?


Anonymous said...

Help the thousands of native americans who have been harmed. Mr secretary help!

creeper said...

Mr. Secretary,
Ken Salazar
You have an opportunity to do the right thing before you leave your post.
May I suggest a meeting with Native Americans who have been terminated from their Tribes by corrupt Tribal Leaders such as the
Pechanga Tribe in Temecula,Ca.
The list of corupted Tribes in
California alone is endless.
Surely your Staff can find some time to schedule such a meeting
who where denied their civil and human rights by their Tribes.


Anonymous said...

Venita Chenault fails as Haskell Indian Nations University’s Acting President.

haskellnews commentary continues on a daily basis to receive complaints about Venita Chenault and her “leadership” at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence Kansas a Bureau of Indian Education University run out of Washington D.C.

Venita Chenault is the Acting President of Haskell Indian Nations University and Vice President of Academic Affairs AND the Vice President of University Services. So she is wearing at least three hats.

That means Josh Arce Haskell’s OCIO Director is being supervised by his own mother, not to mention that Venita's sister, Nadine Milne works in residential housing.

It has also been bought to our attention that recently there was a discussion at Haskell’s University Council Meeting that Venita Chenault wants to send the Fulbright Scholars home and cancel their classes! Excuse us what??

The Fulbrights are a United States government program, Haskell Indian Nations University is a government school.

What would that to do Haskell Indian Nations University’s reputation? Not to mention Haskell students. Oh, yeah Ms. Chenault doesn’t care about them.

AND Venita Chenault has hired back Theresa Milk, the pot-addled/ bare footed English instructor who Haskell Indian Nations University was fortunate enough to get rid of once before. Ms. Milk owed a bunch of money to the library among other things, which is why she left to begin with. Apparently accountability means nothing to Venita Chenault,as long as you’re one of her little flunkies.

Gotta give Venita Chenault some props. Its takes a lot of hubris to blatantly retaliate against people hired by Dr.Warner, to deliberately tear down any initiative that Dr. Warner began no matter how negatively it impacts students, to hire back incompetent people just because they support you (like we saw listed in the class offerings list this semester), and all the while going on about how traditional she is. Hubris.

Venita Chenault is giving promised jobs to her friends…shame on her..and making decisions on gossip and hear say…shame ..and …well she done enough damage…sorry for the students who are there now…..

We feel that the biggest problem at Haskell Indian Nations University is the total lack of leadership even within the Bureau of Indian Education itself. Too many “actings” and not enough real experienced leadership, no organization can be run like this and certainly not an educational one.

Giving any power to “actings” is at best ludicrous.

We hope that Dr.Warner’s detail will end quickly and that she will be willing to return to Haskell Indian Nations University and maybe she can save a sinking ship even tho most of the programs that she put into place are drowning on that same ship build by Venita Chenault.

Venita Chenault needs to go and take those who tried to help her destroy Haskell Indian Nations University with her. Shame on her.

haskellnews commentary would like to thank the following people who when they heard that Haskell Indian Nations University was in some real trouble stepped forward to try and help a group of Native American Students, so few people ever do that.

They are: U.S. Senator Pat Roberts (R) Kansas, U.S. Senator Sam Brownback ( R ) Kansas, Rep. Lynn Jenkins, Kansas (R) – U.S. Congress, and Dolph Simons Jr., chairman of The World Company and editor and publisher of the Lawrence Journal-World.

We hope the following are ashamed of themselves:

Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Larry Echohawk, Chris Redman, Kevin Skenadore, Bart Stevens, Paul Tsosie, Arne Duncan and The Bureau of Indian Affairs, The Bureau of Indian Education out of Washington D.C.

We also hope that in the weeks to come The Bureau of Indian Affairs, The Bureau of Indian Education out of Washington D.C will find themselves cooperating with The United States Senators who are trying to get some answers about Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

haskellnews commentary Jan 13, 2010

just do it said...

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has a lot to be ashamed of,
so many,many years of shameful treatment of the American Indian.