Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 Things YOU Can Do to Stop the Lawlessness of Tribes Like Pechanga and Picayune Rancheria Of California

We published this earlier last year from the President of AIRRO, and we think it's still timely. You can help us and help your Native American friends who suffer at the hands of tribes like: Pechanga, Picayune, Redding, San Pascual, Enterprise, Guideville.

10 Things You Can Do To Help Stop the Lawlessness in Indian Country
1. Call, Write, and Email your Congressional representatives and tell them that the violations of human rights and civil liberties must be stopped and the violators must be prosecuted.

OP: If only 10 people send a letter, it makes no impact, 11 is more, 120 is better. Don't sit back and hope somebody writes a letter, or email or fax. Send one yourself and one for your wife and kids and ask your neighbors if you can send one on their behalf.

2. Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers describing the violations of human rights and civil liberties occurring in Indian Country.

OP: How do you think we got a news piece on KNBC (linked at my blogroll)? The editors will right about what their readers want to read.
3. Boycott Indian Casinos owned by those tribes whose tribal officials have violated the human rights and civil liberties of its citizens and customers. (List coming soon to Pechanga.Info Homepage)

OP: I used to spend $3,000 a year at Pechanga, but no more. I tell people now, not to go there, and why.

4. Get others to boycott with you.

OP: How about your high school reunion committee that's thinking of having it at the casinos? Nope. And send a letter to the casinos telling them WHY you aren't having it on their properties.

5. Stand beside those who have been wronged - walk the protest lines.

6. Speak out about the injustices occurring in Indian Country. Don't hide behind the fear "that you might be next".

OP: Bullies will beat up on those who won't defend themselves. We are living proof.

7. Stand up to your tribal leaders and show them that you won't tolerate being a part of creating another era of dishonor and genocide against Indian People. Do not hide behind the shame of what is being done to your family and friends

OP: Had more of the other families brought their relatives in to vote, we wouldn't be in this situation. One vote lost by 4 votes.

8. Join and support the American Indian Rights and Resources Organization or any other organizations that work to promote, protect and preserve human rights and civil liberties in Indian Country.

9. Persuade local business and community leaders not to accept Casino money from tribal officials that violate the human and civil rights of any individual.

OP: How is it that school districts will support illegal immigration, but not support those who suffer the violation of civil rights by their Native neighbors?

10. Support and encourage those who have had their human rights and civil liberties violated by tribal officials.

OP: Say, like commenting on blogs, or passing the blog address to friends or visiting the blogs 3-5 times a day to show some love? Or now, with social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, you can link to blog stories so that all your "friends" can see it on their profile pages. Also, become friends with politicians and newspeople so you can share the stories with them.
For more information on the fight to end lawlessness in Indian Country, please continue to visit or contact or


Temecula Person said...

So then, obviously, you don't think sitting at home, wondering why someone won't do something will help much?

Or the I did a lot of stuff four years ago, why should I do it again?

Or, I'm in the moratorium and I don't have to help these losers who were disenrolled?

How about: Hey, I won't say anything, won't do anything, won't stop going to the oppressor's casino's, and hope it works out for us.

Anonymous said...

I tried suggesting that you guys should get someone who has a Casino interest in California and many publications like Larry Flint and got attacked on here by someone named Mr.Lee who called me a tribe plant(see open enrollment blog of Dec 31 below)...all I was saying was that you need a publication that isnt afraid of losing advertising dollars like all of the channels in California who are flooded with Pechanga commercials(which I am sure is why there are so many commercials from them and that is to keep these channels from reporting on their bad behavior.)I also have stopped going to Pechanga and had spent many days a week at Pechanga before(which had Mr. Lee calling me a lying addict)..anyway my point is that many non-tribal people do support your cause and have tried to hurt the tribe by not spending any dollares there.
and yes I sign my name annonymous for fear of the criminal element at Pechanga and somestimes as confused reader..thank you

Allen L. Lee said...

I guess you just don't know when to stop using another person's name when mis-representing them.
This is what I said:
“Now is the time to demand that the Pechanga constitution be enforced or declared invalid.”
"I suggest the moratorium parents and relatives in the tribe start working on those minor applications in January.
That's just my opinion
I don't want to force anyone into anything they don't want to do."
This is what you alleged I said.
“GREED is the reason ..and Mr.Lee can sit there and tell you to wait it out,”
I can't help but wonder why you decided to zero in on Mr. Lee's comments and attack them, using two different handles to sign in on, but in Mr. Lee's mind that makes you a liar and a weazel for continuing the issue after Mr. Lee said he would retire it.
That’s just my opinion, sorry if it sounds hostile

Anonymous said...

I went to the blog in question as posted by anonymous 7:55am and dont see where he badmouthed Mr. Lee for such a rude reaction that he got.And still Allen L. Lee is calling the person names.To call someone a liar and a weasel and an addict does seem rather harsh.It does seem like the writer is in support of this site and not the Pechanga tribal leaders so dont see why all the name calling.

Allen L. Lee said...

Let me, "cut to the chase" regarding Larry Flint's proponent
and the attempt to promote non-reservation, non-Indian gaming in the State of California, and by feigning concern for dis-affected tribal citizens, hoping to get them to support the State casino cause.
by Diana E. H. Russell, Ph.D.
Copyright © 1998. All Rights Reserved

...b) Flynt's incestuous abuse of three of his daughters is obliterated.
According to Tonya, Oliver Stone was fully aware of the incestuous abuse perpetrated by Flynt on her and her sister. She said that he also knew about Larry's threats to kill her that had made her too afraid for many years to publish the autobiographical account she is now planning to write (personal communication, December 26, 1996)...."
The article gets more graphic.
" guys should get someone who has a Casino interest in California and many publications like Larry Flint..."
This is your motivation and you've solicited Larry Flint twice. That should give you some reason for my disdain. The dis-enrolled and moratorium people do not deserve to be tarnished with such an inference of support
That's just my opinion.

dyanna said...

Your blog is very interesting.I'm waiting for your new post.
Have a nice week-end.

Anonymous said...

that article is 12 years old and who knows if its true?...never heard of any charges agianst him.
I think the writer means O Pechnga people need more media coverage no matter who it comes from...the old saying: "The squeeky wheel, gets the grease"

Allen L. Lee said...

All I'm saying, anonymous is;
I person claims to have been a regular gambler at the Pechanga Casino, but stops to support dis-enrolled tribal members. Then after all those days/weeks/months?
of fearlessly going to the Casino and visiting the reservation at will, this person finds a new found fear of the "criminal" element at Pechanga. Never mentioned the expected daily fear they should have had when they were there. But sorely afraid of them on a blog, so much that they can't reveal their names. I'm sure they'll find a way to make there fear retro-active, now that it has been mentioned
If the "shoe" fit.
I apologize in advance if this sounds hostile!

Anonymous said...

...So why not a Las Vegas publication as a conduit to the world. After all, Las Vegas does have a major interest in Casino failure in never know...

proud boycotter said...

Well going to the Casino and playing is a lot different than bad mouthing the powerfull tribe in print, so whats the comparison?And most of us or the thousands that go to Pechanga daily didnt know we needed to fear the tribe until reading O'Pechngas blog.And Alan L Lee, I didnt see this person calling you the many names and insults you have heaped on whoever it is. Why dont you give it a rest please.We are here to support the ex-tribal members, not to get attacked by you.
And good point about a Vegas publication..thats the point isnt it?To get the word out?

Allen L. Lee said...

Because Vegas is in business with Indian casinos, just as are national and international investment companies and banks.
Neither Vegas, investment banks, Wall Street, nor international investors want to see California Indian Casinos destroyed.

1.,“…Full House operates the Deadwood Gulch Resort in Deadwood, S.D., and manages an American Indian casino in Oregon and a racetrack casino in Delaware. The company is also developing Indian gaming projects in Michigan, Montana and New Mexico.”

2 …Today lenders, including Bank of America and Wells Fargo, are opening their vaults for unprecedented financing of new resorts, …. Gambling bigwigs such as Donald Trump and Harrah's Entertainment Inc. are …forming a series of partnerships with Native Americans to build casino…
…The Pechanga casino was financed largely through a $150-million bank loan ... “

3.,“….The last third of the century brought corporatization to Las Vegas …Local operators such as the Boyd Group, Station Casinos, and Harrah's became publicly traded, invested elsewhere, or teamed with Indian reservations operating casinos.”

4.,“JAMUL – The Jamul Indian Village,...
Opposition against the casino is still vocal in Jamul.
About 250 residents packed a meeting by opponents Thursday night.…In an interview earlier, Jacob said she wouldn't bet on the casino being built.
On the other side of that bet is Timothy Cope, president and chief financial officer of Lakes Entertainment Inc. of Minnesota, which is financing the proposed Jamul casino.

5.,“Press Release Source: Atlantis Internet Group Corporation On Wednesday October 28, 2009, 6:30 am EDT
LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - 10/28/09) - Atlantis Internet Group Corp. (Pinksheets:ATIG - News) announced today that it would launch the nation's first intertribal, state-to-state, wide-area progressive gaming network linking Indian Casinos nationwide….”

6.,Station Casinos was taken over in November for $5.4 billion. The Las Vegas-based company owns 17 casinos and resorts throughout Las Vegas and manages an American Indian casino in Northern California.

7a.,“Controversy Over Possible Casino in Vegas
Posted: Feb 27, 2008 05:19 PM PST
The plan is being fronted by the Washington indian tribe called the Muckleshoot's who
Now they've set their sights on Las Vegas...also buying into the plan is the Shoshone-Bannock tribes right here in Eastern Idaho.
This promotional video on-line was produced by Ellis:Las Vegas, a management company …”
7b.,"R. Shawn Ellis of Ellis Gaming and Entertainment, L.L.C. provided information to about 20 tribal members Saturday in the Tribal Business Center Dome Room.
…Ellis said Indian tribes have existing facilities and his company wants them to go to Las Vegas. He said he's worked for Indian tribes for about nine years and enjoys working with tribes. Ellis said he's married to a "tribal woman" and working with tribes is "what I do - is who I am."
Another question of Ellis was how many casinos does his company have in operation? His response was they don't own casinos, they do management contracts and have had two with tribes in California.
Ellis also said he's traveling to the Middle East to meet with officials from the United Arab Emirates to possibly invest in "Ellis Las Vegas."

t'eetilawuncha! said...

While I agree w/ Mr.Lee about how we conduct ourselves, I also agree with the other posters. Getting the word out, loud and to the point will generate support. If these finacial institutions have never heard of these stories, this blog and other social networks are and will enlighten them. Our message has to be very clear. While we all support Indian nations, we do not have to support the civil rights abuse of a few Indian nations.

Thanks to all who come here and post!

Allen L. Lee said...

Left one out of the Las Vegas - Indian Casino nexus:

"...The Midwest's first Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is set to open after a $155 million expansion by the Cherokee Nation, which will operate the gaming and entertainment resort....
...Last year the tribe's gaming and retail entity, Cherokee Nation Entertainment, signed a licensing agreement with Hard Rock Holdings LLC.

"Hard Rock Hotel Holdings, LLC, through its subsidiary, Hard Rock Hotel, Inc., owns and operates Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada
The company was incorporated in 1993 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada."

Anonymous said...

How come every time someone besides Alan L lee has an idea, he knocks down the idea with paragraphs of material that doesnt help a thing.Is he trying to make us feel like its all worthless to try?I'm all ready to start writing letters when someone has an idea and then he makes me think its useless.Is it?

Anonymous said...

His gift is dazzling with bull shit

Allen L. Lee said...

I'm just saying there isn't much difference between a Gambling addict and a Crack-head. Why would that stop you from writing a letter?
"Research links gambling with chemicals in brain
May 9, 2008
BIRMINGHAM, ALA. — Growing scientific evidence shows that gambling hijacks the brain by triggering a chemical reaction almost like cocaine does, say researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

"If we get rewarded in a surprising way, dopamine is released and that kind of alerts the system how that is going to happen again," he said.
Brain imaging studies show that the neurological footprint of gambling is similar to that left by cocaine.
"Basically, any time anybody takes cocaine it makes this system think it's a surprise reward. It tricks the dopamine system," Vuchinich said. "Gambling does that without drugs."
Copyright 2008, The Times-Picayune Publishing Corporation
On another note, though the tribes may enjoy sovereign immunity for civil rights violations against tribal members, the businesses that finance and partner with the tribal Casinos may not enjoy that same immunity.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys really sure that Allan L Lee isnt really Macarro?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Macarro doesn't have the intellect.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more on that one.

Phil Cuevas said...

Don't get so cocky! He's has the intellect for trimming down the members of his tribe....

just do it said...

Every Criminal has something going for him, even Mark Macarro, the dis-honorable Chairman of the
Pechanga Tribe.
His cockiness will come to an end
soonere or later.

just do it said...

yep,sooner or later

'aamokat said...

I am not sure why people are attacking Mr. Lee as overall he has been supportive and I believe he is on our side and while he has posted some negative comments he probably wished he hadn't and he has responded to negative comments sent his way, he as been helpful to our cause and face it, we need all of the help we can get.

Recently an Hunter family elder posted that without unity we have nothing and our cause is lost.

We can have unity but still disagree about certain points from time to time.

So I am convinced Mr. Lee isn't Macarro because he has posted things Macarro would not be happy about.

just do it said...

I agree 'aamokat,
and Mr.Lee keep informing all of Us, so many things we need to learn.
Different sources, different ideas
can make Us more aware of what's going in other areas.
In knowledge is power.

Allen L. Lee said...

I'm still in. Not something that can be walked away from.
I apologize to any allies who were offended by the exchange.

White Buffalo said...

Remember that the speed of a current cannot always be seen, for all that make the effort, keep up the good work. Fourth Paragraph

Valbuena reelected TASIN chairwoman

TASIN Chairwoman Lynn Valbuena
Published: Thursday, January 21, 2010 4:41 PM CST
Lynn Valbuena, the current vice chairwoman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, was unanimously reelected as chairwoman of TASIN to a three-year term, a position she has held since 1995.

In addition to her service to TASIN and San Manuel, Valbuena also serves as Secretary of the National Indian Gaming Association and is a member of the Board of Trustees for the National Museum of the American Indian of the Smithsonian Institution. She is also on the Board of Trustees for the Autry National Center in Los Angeles.

“Our tribal communities have come a long way since 1995, but much work still remains to protect the rights of California’s tribal nations,” said Valbuena. “I am deeply humbled by the privilege to continue my service to our tribal communities in this capacity.”

Maurice Lyons, the current vice chairman of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, was elected TASIN vice chairman for a two-year term. Lyons replaces Patrick Murphy of Pechanga. Lyons began his public service career in 1994 and has served as a tribal housing commissioner, chairman of the Morongo Headstart Parent Policy Committee, a member of the Morongo Tribal Council, and served as tribal chairman from July 2001 to 2006.

“I am honored to serve the tribes of TASIN,” said Lyons following the election. “TASIN has been a leader in Sacramento and Washington for many years. I intend to build on that work to ensure the voices of our tribal nations continue to be heard by our state and federal policymakers.”

Brian McDonald of the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe was unanimously reelected to a second term as secretary for the alliance for a two-year term. McDonald recently completed his second term as an elected member of the Chemehuevi Tribal Council. He previously served as a board member for the Inter Tribal Council of California and also served in several executive positions in tribal gaming operations.

“To be involved with such an organization at this level, for me, is a great honor,” said McDonald. “There are many, many tribal leaders who could have easily filled this role. I look forward to my next two years as a member of this board.”


TASIN is an intergovernmental association of 11 federally recognized tribal governments throughout Southern California. Formed in 1995, TASIN’s mission is to protect and promote the tribal sovereign government rights, the cultural identity and interests of federally recognized tribes located within the Federal Central Judicial District within the State of California.