Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Pechanga Member Ousted from Native Organzation Leadership

First, Anthony Miranda was replaced as CNIGA leader and now Patrick Murphy is replaced from TASIN leadership. IS Pechanga losing it's luster amongst California tribes? They have brought shame to the Native American community with their violent expulsion of tribal members. Now they are out of the leadership positions.

Lynn Valbuena, the current vice chairwoman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, was unanimously reelected as chairwoman of TASIN to a three-year term, a position she has held since 1995.

In addition to her service to TASIN and San Manuel, Valbuena also serves as Secretary of the National Indian Gaming Association and is a member of the Board of Trustees for the National Museum of the American Indian of the Smithsonian Institution. She is also on the Board of Trustees for the Autry National Center in Los Angeles.

Maurice Lyons, the current vice chairman of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, was elected TASIN vice chairman for a two-year term. Lyons replaces Patrick Murphy of Pechanga.


Anonymous said...

Delatore, Pico, Reyes, etc;ALL descendants of non-Pechanga
blood should NOT be on any council, CIGNA, etc...THEY will be outed and subject to punishment.

Dela torre is not a descendant of Pechanga; Baron, and rest of enrollment committee are co-conspirators of theft and corruption. If they continue to represent themselves as such they will be responsible for the consequences of their illegal actions.

Ken Perez has no shame. This is an ex police chief? NOW he is a Thief!

Census rolls are readily available.

Pio Pico 'granted' stolen Indian lands to his cohorts and was aided and abetted by BIA agent who issued
allotments to thieves who were not legitimate Indians of Temecula. They then continued to identify themselves as Pechanga;which they were not.

Anonymous said...

It is very easy to obtain documents pertaining to your own clan. BIA has documents..Just make a FOA request and ask for your family's history; your Certificate of Indian Blood Degree.

Of course, Fletcher and Virgil Townsend are corrupt bastards who may have tampered with records.

God only knows the true extent of corruption in the BIA.

Anonymous said...

Another newborn child that the Pechanga Tribe has abandoned. Why hast thou forsaken so many of your people?