Thursday, January 28, 2010

Original Pechanga's Blog Welcomes the NEWEST Descendent of Paulina Hunter

A big welcome to the world to the newest descendent of our ancestor Paulina Hunter!

Nokaamay Briones has arrived!
8lbs. 11oz. & 19 inches.
We envision a day when Nokaamay will be welcomed into the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, where he rightfully belongs.
Mom, Della Freeman is doing well.
Paulina Hunter was an original Pechanga Indians, whose descendants were terminated from the tribe by an enrollment committee that included: Bobbi LeMere, Ihrene Scearse, Frances Miranda and Ruth Masiel. This group ignored the factual findings of their own hired expert.


Elaine Tavizon said...

Congratulations to Baby and Mom! Any pics? I just know he was born under a lucky star.

Elaine & the "Brats" (as Della used to call them when she was our babysitter).

Anonymous said...

Welcome to big boy!

Speaking of big are your two boys doing, Elaine? They are young men now. Best wishes to you.

cideways said...

Nokaamay is a proud Indian baby born to a proud true Indian woman. And fifth generation living on the Reservation.

Language Student said...

Congratulations Della and family on the birth of Nokaamay, to those who aren't sure how to pronounce it, it is, No-Ka-Mai (not may).

I sure "My Son" will do the tribe and the Hunter family well in the years to come!