Sunday, January 24, 2010

Senator Barbara Boxer Weighs in on Tribes Failures; Will she look at Pechanga's lies to Congress?

Senator Barbara Boxer, an Inland Empire Resident adds her voice to the Desert Sun's Investigation of the Torrez- Martinez Tribes' misuse of taxpayer funds.

Will she give equal weight to tribe's like Pechanga, which told Congress that they wanted to preserve land to the tune of 700 acres because of its "sacred to the Pechanga people" who then put a golf course on the land and called it a 'zoning change'!

Step up Senator Boxer. INVESTIGATE!

Boxer Quote:

The tribes have had a very difficult time in the past — a lot of difficulty getting the funds they feel they deserve to have,” Boxer said. “Now there's been a settlement decree, and we're trying to put that into law, to make sure the tribes are being treated fairly.

“It would be very sad if the tribes lost the confidence of the public. (But) everybody has to play by the rules.”

What about what the tribes have done the INDIVIDUAL INDIAN, SENATOR?


Anonymous said...

John Gomez Jr and Family,
Sorry you have been victums of the BIA, and tribal politics.
The BIA Super. Dr Akins, should
be terminated. He severley abused
his 2 daughters, has no custody.
All he does is fire his employees,
DELAYS enrollment, or termnates it.
The BIA in DC will help the
termination process, and delay
You need to contact 2 EXPERTS !
Lawrence R Baca, Federal Bar
Association Pres. Tribal Civil
Rights EXPERT ! Contact the
President of National Congress of American Indians. NARF, and Hire
and expert to review your TREATY !
Many cases have been won,by their
old treaties !!
Your Indian Civil Rights have
been Violated thru the BIA and your tribal court, this is Illegal!!
You may even be able to file/create your own BAND !
I would even consider a class
action case, with other dissenrolled tribes in CA !
The BIA like to see tribes get dissenrolled, it's less money the Feds have to distribute !
Study your treaty !
Appeal your case ! Do not use
tribal court !
Please contact me Jess N CA

Allen l. Lee said...

I wonder if Sen. Boxer and Rep.Bono Mack have been talking with Rep Diane Watson?