Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Defrauding the Pechanga People by Pechanga Enrollment Committee

Our cousin A'amokat responds to the question of whether the Pechanga tribe is defrauding its people by not allowing those who rightfully belong and are caught up in the moratorium into the tribe.

Yes cousin it is defrauding true Pechanga people.

And in some cases blood relatives probably just voted to keep out their own blood who rightfully should now be in even though there is a moratorium on new adult members because their applications were in before the deadline but not processed by an enrollment committee who were either incompetant or at the very least dishonest.

Since I don't want to insult the enrollment committee by calling them idiots, what does that make them? OP: EXACTLY! Their primary job is to accurately enroll new members and they did not do their jobs. Instead, they concentrated on eliminating Native Americans from the tribe.

Frankly the moratorium should not have been allowed in the first place as the Band's constitution says open enrollment is every January. OP: Thereby making the moratorium UNconstitutional.

But let's assume for a moment that the moratorium is a legitimate law.

So doesn't that mean that it would keep out only those people who didn't get their applications in on time?

But again I would also like to ask, if disenrolling us (without basis of fact, though) was supposed to correct past errors made by the enrollment committee, then why can't they correct an obvious mistake of not enrolling people who beat the moratorium deadline?

But I guess the common factor is that the the tribe will side with keeping people out of the tribe.

Wrongfully kicking us out of the tribe but also wrongfully not letting in people who can prove they beat the moratorium deadline.

Another irony is that there are Hunter family members who joined during open enrollment between 1980and 1996 before the moratorium was in place who had official date stamped enrollment papers signed by some of the very same people who years later in 2006 voted to kick them out of the tribe or who submitted letters or statements opposing the Hunter family's tribal membership saying that the tribe had never recognized the Hunters as being Pechanga.

So if the tribe had never recognized the Hunters, then why did they sign their enrollment papers when they were enrolled?

So what changed bewteen 1980 and the 1995/96 time period?

Answer: the tribe got the casino. OP: And others couldn't stand their good fortune and had to have MORE. Thank you A'amokat for your contributions.


Anonymous said...

Do all of you who are effected by this illegal disenrollment realize if all could come to the table and fight this as ONE what a powerful thing this could be? Nothing will change on its own. I do not believe for one minute the enrollment committee and or the Tribal Council thought everyone would rollover this easy. If they did they would have disenrolled the families much sooner than they did. They know all they had was the sovereignty card to play and thus far they have barely had to play it. IT IS TIME TO REGAIN WHAT HAS BEEN LOST. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. LET' STAND TOGETHER AS ONE.

'aamokat said...

My comments were in response to the reported very recent vote of the general membership in favor of not processing enrollment applications that had been submitted before the moratorium deadline.

Three things come out of this vote.

1. What family members of the Manuela Miranda and Hunter famiies said who were on the enrollment committe in 2003, both who are now disenrolled, was true.

That the enrollment committee had previously not processed some applications for people who had clearly beat the deadline before the moratorium started.

2. That it really is all about the money if the general membership voted to not right the wrong and enroll people who clearly did beat the moratorium deadline.


Anonymous said...

You folks that have been dis-enrolled as they say should look closely at who works at your old cultural center and see what some of these people have done to cause trouble at other reservations that they worked at. You will find it funny how disenrollment was an issue for other tribes when these people were around. Not everyone has to be a tribal member of Pechanga to cause trouble!!!

Anonymous said...

The enrollment is a scam. I personally know of families who have been waiting fifteen years to be enrolled when some of those families have been enrolled for approximately nine to twelve years. Why????