Thursday, July 2, 2009

With Revenue Slowing, Pechanga to Re-Open SILK Nightclub That Closed Due to Alcohol Related "Incidents"

As the economy continues to hurt business, and of course the continued lack of patrons due to Pechanga's treatment of their tribal members and families, they look to re-open the Silk Nightclub.

We discussed the issue back in March 2008 HERE. There were fights, thuggish behavior by young tribal members.

We already know that security guards beat up senior customers but now, they will attract that thug element again and make the venue even more unsafe for seniors. Then again, with falling revenue, who cares?

When in doubt about how Pechanga treats its customers, like Richard Swan, or it's members, like the Manuela Miranda family, the Hunters and the many, many caught up in it's illegal moratorium, it's better to AVOID Pechanga.

Let them know that you are NOT patronizing them because of their policies. IF they will cheat their own people, they will cheat YOU.

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