Friday, July 24, 2009

Pechanga's Latest Revision of HISTORY

Word from the Pechanga Reservation is that a faction of Pechanga people are pushing a resolution that the 1928 Census will be the defining document for tribal membership. Is that because many can't pass the 1979 census test and more families are NOT on the censuses of late 1800's?

Ask yourselves WHO will that benefit and WHY change the requirements? Is tribal history NO LONGER important? Lineal descent from barely blood people?

This is a travesty of history to our family, and the ORIGINAL PECHANGA people. BIA, it's time to get INVOLVED.

Is that because many people like Jennie Miranda and Butch Murphy are NOT on the 1979 Enrollment? Hunters have enrollment number under 100, which put to lie Chairman Macarro's intimation on KNBC's WITHOUT A TRIBE that we came after the casino opened.

Macarro is A LIAR on that issue. My own father helped build our family cabin in 1957.


cideways said...

1928 can only benefit those that were not here in the beginning. True Pechanga's were here when they gave out original allotments, Period.

Echo Hawk said...

So the tribe is now going to say: "OUR history started in 1928!"

Does that make their commercials that said "we were here for 10,000 years" a LIE?

So, then, those who have alottments aren't really Pechanga Indians?

Where do the Macarro's come in?

'aamokat said...

The Pechanga Indian reservation was established in 1880's and the first censuses were in the 1890's.

So who would benefit from a base roll from 1928?

People, as cideways says, who were not there at the beginning.

One of the Masiel/Basquez family members reportedly tried to pass off the 1940 census, one that had hand written additions of people who were not even born yet in 1940 as the basis for a base roll prior to the disenrollment nonsense so it isn't hard to figure out that they are probably behind this latest twisting of tribal history as well.

I just hope that the people are smart enough to vote this resolution down if it is brought to a membership vote.

I just wonder how they will try to justify this flagrant attempt at rewritting tribal history.

After all, how can they say that Temecula/Pechanga people, with direct connections to the original reservation and the old Temecula village, are not original Pechanga people?

It is time we claim our rightful place if they do so and say we are the true Pechanga people and those that are not connected to the old village and the original reservation are not.

Let's go to the BIA and make our claim.

After all, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Ironic that other original Pechanga people still in the tribe may find out that this latest attempt at consolodating the CPP's power is the next step at making them on the outside looking in.

'aamokat said...

Echo Hawk is right, how can they lay claim to anything that came before 1928 including the Kelsey tract, where the casino is located, which the tribe got before that?

So does 1928 negate the reservation that was set aside for the Temecula Indians in the 1880s by presidential executive order or the allotment act of the 1890s?

If it does, then it seems they very well could be cutting themselves out of any claim to anything the tribe had prior to 1928, which it seems is just about everything.

So let's reclaim what is ours if they do claim the tribes started in 1928.

Echo Heart has it right. If 1928 was the beginning, then how can they claim 10,000 years of tribal heritage and history?

White Buffalo said...

If I am not mistaken even if the tribe is successful in changing the constitution the BIA has to ratify the change. It would be an opportunity to write to the BIA and the sub-committee of congress and pose the question concerning the motive and nature of this sudden change of Historical Identity. seems that congress would be interested in the reason why the tribe is superseding congresses authority in respect to reservation establishment. The issue of who is Indian and who is not has already been resolved, It is the subjective understanding that made our disenrollment possible, Specifically there was no elder to speak to the fact that our ancestor lived on the Rancheria at the time of the eviction. All reasoning against us was subjective and unsupported both verbally and by documentation. All of our blue and red ribbon documents were not even looked at. It's time to involve the media again. I'll talk to some people I know and see if I can get someone to do some snooping. Hello Big B and little M make sure you tell the potato that looking over his shoulder will not help. I will be seeing you soon.

Guero Nunez aka White Buffalo

Anonymous said...

Juan Macarro was living at Pechanga in the 1890's when he married Isabel Tapia, who was from the same clan as Paulina Hunter.

Macarro did get an allotment but the marriage entry from the San Luis Rey Mission clearly says he was originally from Pauma.

So the Macarros owe their membership to marrying into a Pechanga family and they cannot claim from the Macarro line.

I do believe there were Macarros on the 1928 census though so I guess in a perverse way they would be safe, at least for now.

Anonymous said...

To quote the enrollment commettee's own statement.. "being on the census records is not enough, all it shows is that they lived there, not that they were a part of the Tribe".

Anonymous said...

So if these changes do occur would that not be in favor of the Hunter's? And how could that benefit Butch Murphey he is on no cenus pertaining to Pechanga. I believe he is the evil that needs to go.

Creeper said...

A warning to the following enrolled
familes: the Garbanie, the Pico, the Vasquez, you where targeted for disenrollment before and you will be the target again if you let this resolution go thru.
By a stroke of luck you where not disenrolled, but believe me it CAN and WILL still happen.
I know that you are comfortable right now, but if you do not stand up against this latest perversion
of changing the HISTORY and cannibalizing of our HERITAGE, then YOU WILL BE JOINING
the HUNTERS,the APIS,the Banished
and the Moratorium.
I urge all tribal members to fight against these corrupt leaders at Pechanga and remember

Anonymous said...

This 1928 record that the CPP are trying to use has the six families that are saying "we are the Original Pechanga". It's the same people who put the petition forward to stop all disenrollments.

Anonymous said...

Here is a snapshot as to their motive.

Creeper said...

Tribal members.. ask yourself this question is MONEY your only GOD
or are you so afraid of
Mark Macarro, John Macarro,
Andrew Masiel and Butch Murphy
the white man that you dare not
speak up?
What more needs to happen to make you rebel and fight back?
The future of your tribe is in serious trouble if you let this
latest resoluton go thru.
All tribal members should vote this down...
this will bite you in the Ass if you dont say no to this.

Anonymous said...

Funny to me...I will have a car as old as the "rich history" of the so-called new "indians", and I would also add that my car is even more original. My grandmother was born before 1928.

The tribe is just becoming more and more of a joke month by month, year after year. 1928...coincidence? 1928 was a great time for criminals like Al Capone, and it was so good of a time for US citizens "that it was so easy to make money on the Wall Street Stock Exchange that it was no longer a gamble. A gamble is when someone loses and someone gains, (in the US) everybody (at that time) was winning"...poignant to say that that was just before the 1929 Wall Street Crash.

How about "adopted" before that time? Even if adoptions were allowed, anyone who could not link themselves to the actual allotments and has to hold on to current US history is nothing short of a squatter or plainly not from the area, and could not directly associate themselves with the forcefull evictions or original placement in a reservation.

Overall, in short time, this tribe that seems to be blending in so well with the gangbangers and mexicans that have taken over, their crash will come too. And, I hope it comes hard.

Federal government...take hold, this tribe is not what you recognized originally.

Anonymous said...

Creeper is a very wise man.He speaks the truth about the bad seeds and their families that have grown into a cancer.When will the good current members wake up!If they had more back up they might be able to win but under the current situation its 50/50. The snakes are making their move again when the good least expect something they will strike again and bite they will.They have proven they can and their evil was never stopped so they will just continue to cut through the hearts and souls of the true Pechangas whose numbers dwindle down everyday don't you know that's what they want.It reminds me of the Luisenos and the Cupenos in Pala.Pala is and always has been Luiseno territory than the Cupenos showed up and have overpowered the Luisenos and now it is Cupeno land, don't get me wrong they are not as hateful as the CPP but when you lose your CLAN STRENGTH it's not easy to make a come back.This is one power trying to take over the other power and if the current good members just sit back and do nothing like Creeper said They will bite you back and when they are all dead and gone they have created and molded their children to carry the sickness and hatefulness on for them against your children there will be no peace because it is a cancer monster out of control slow and deadly the silent killers.

'aamokat said...

So is it actually the 1928 census, who was living there at that time, or is it the 1928 applications for enrollment as California Indians?

Because some Pechanga people listed San Luis Rey (Luiseno) on their 1928 applications and some people from the same family lines wrote down Pechanga or Temecula.

That was the reasoning behind getting rid of us, the Hunters, because a member of our extended family put San Luis Rey on his 1928 application.

Despite the fact that others from the same line of descent put Pechanga and/or Temecula and even though the reservation was called during the 1890s by all three names, Pechanga, Temecula, or Temecula reservation-San Luis Rey Tribe, depending on what year the census was taken.

And a lot of other families who are still in the tribe, including a member of the Masiel/Basquez family, also put San Luis Rey or San Luiseno and not Pechanga on their 1928 applications

So why are they in and we are now out if they have the same information in their family histories?

Also, since the disenrollments at Pechanga, the BIA has been quietly changing the CDIBs for some people.

So are they part of the CPP's plan?

Creeper, you always make referrence to the Apis as being disenrolled but there are still many Apis Clan members in the tribe including the Picos, the Lukers, the Magees, as well as some people from the Mirandas, and others.

It was the descendants of Manuela Miranda not the Apis Clan that were kicked out in 2004.

Ironic if Anthony Miranda, the author of the petition to end disenrollments in 2005, is behind this new law.

Because his ancestor was not at Pechanga during the censuses of the late 1890s, which was a reason given for kicking out his fellow Mirandas in 2004.

By the way, the reason why Manuela Miranda moved away from the people was because she was a young girl and her mother died so she moved in with a family member in another city. Still tribal elders from the period still considered her Pechanga, despite what the CPP says.

White Buffalo, was that family member your ancestor moved in with actually Candalaria Nesecat Flores, her older sibling and the ancestor of the Mirandas still in the tribe?

So is A. Miranda trying to erase any possible reason for the CPP to come after his family considering some (but not all) of his blood relatives are disenrolled?

Anonymous said...

I believe they will try and use both the 1928 census and 1928 applications.

Anonymous said...

Remember they never told the Manuel Mirandas nor the Hunters they were not indians, just not their kind of indians.

Anonymous said...

Most of the people who would support the use of the 1928 census have no other ties to the resevation before that. Squater rights do not apply.

Anonymous said...

Lateral descent does not apply either. Some of these people can only show an aunt or uncle connection to a Temecula/Pechanga person.

Phil Cuevas said...

I don't want to be one of their kind of Indians...

Creeper said...

You are right a'amokat
only the descendants of Manuela Miranda where disenrolled while
others, who are descendants from that lineage are still enrolled, that just shows how selective and political it was.
After they disenrolled the Hunter's,they,the corrupt CPP where free to do whatever they wanted now there was no one
left in the tribe who had the balls to stand up to them,
to stop them or question their
wrong doings.
The Pechanga tribal members are subjected to threats, fear and manipulation of the truth by
Mark Macarro and the tribal council....

eventually everything comes to an can bet on that...

'aamokat said...

Current tribal members, if you read this thread, consider that the Masiel/Basquez claim that they and only a few others are the real Pechanga and that a lot of you are not.

You are fools if you vote for this resolution to change the membership requirments and you are fools if you don't get every voting member from your families at the meeting to vote against this measure.

You think your tribal membership is safe because of the petition in 2005 that was supposed to stop disenrollment?

Well we were disenrolled in 2006 anyway and this year, 2009, reportedly the CPP tried to get more families disenrolled and while so far they failed this time around, they will keep trying and the change in membership requirments could make it easier to come after anyone.

Ironic that those who don't have a clear claim of being original Pechanga from the old Temecula village from before the eviction in the 1870's and from the original reservation that was set aside for the people in the 1880s would have a legal (false I believe) claim to membership if indeed they are trying to use the 1928 census as a base roll and that makes you vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

The man that you call, "Butch Murphy", I assume was an adopted White Man...correct? If this is so, it is one of the reasons that adoptions should never be allowed, especially of a non-indian. That is how Native Americans got conquered in the first place - trusting n helping the White Man. Look what happened in your cases - Pechanga, the white man has more power that blood flowing true Indians. Furthermore, that white man is eligible for health, education, housing Indian benefits, and he isn't even Indian, he is taking from the true Indians all over America. The Tribes have limited funding as it is, and now you tell me that Tribes are adopting White People - Pechange needs to have their funding taken away for this. jmt.

Anonymous said...

Adoptions are not allowed per the Bylaws, he should never have been allowed. Plus the bylaws do not include lineal descent for those "accepted". This is written as an individual not lineal basis. Butch and his bloodline should be removed, this is not a matter of enrollment it is a matter of bylaw enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Just because Rose Murphy was accepted in the indian way prior to 1928 does not give Butch or any of his clan the right to vote, hold office or rule in any tribal matters. Butch is truly a snake that has a venomus bite. When he saw that he had to go before the General Membership to have his enrollment validated, he was very busy asking anyone and everyone for help. Since that time he has been very busy stabbing those same people in the throat. Bye Bye Butch!

Anonymous said...

All of this could have stopped in June of 2005. To bad greed got in the way.

Anonymous said...

Congressional hearings are around the corner. Pechanga is on the radar along w/ the Freedman issue. Go for it, Change the requirments for enrollment. It would be comical.

Anonymous said...

Could someone from the tribe please explain to us exactly what id tax free to a tribal member? they pay State Income tax on the per capita?...sales tax on purchases?...federal tax on per capita?..thank you....we need to get the State involved and need the facts.!toentun

Former Tribal Member said...

When I was a tribal member I had to pay state and federal income tax on my per capita as I don't live on the Rez.

However, anyone who lives on the Rez doesn't pay state income tax on per capita but everyone pays federal taxes on it.

There are people who don't live on the Rez but claim they do and use a P.O. box but don't pay state income tax on their per capita, which is illegal.

I can't remember if we paid sales tax or not on purchases at the casino but I did get a discount at the gas station and at the buffet.

Luiseno said...

So what they are trying to say is "the only true Pechanga people, are those who were not there at the creation of the reservation"?

'aamokat said...

Luisneo, but also it seems, in addition to saying people not connected to the start of the reservation are true Pechanga, that they are trying to say only those who have no connection to the old Temecula Indian village before the reservation are now the true Pechanga people.

Kind of takes away the 10,000 years of history that they claim if 1928 is the start of things doesn't it?

Masiels are Stupid said...

Pechanga! We start our history just before the Great Depression! Doesn't have the same ring as 10,000 years does it?

How can Pechanga history START, after Ruth Masiel was BORN?

Anonymous said...

The tribe lied to the citizens of California to get that Casino put in and now its time for the people of California to take it back or abolish the cainos for the tribes that lied...the Casinos were supposed to be for the improvement and advancement of all tribal members...not the thinned out ranks like Pechanga has done....and wasnt the money supposed to be shared with tribes that had no Casinos?...I bet its a very minute amount....CHEATERS!!!!