Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Airing PECHANGA'S Dirty Laundry in Public; Spotlight is a good Disinfectant

A reminder of a post from 2007 where Pechanga remaining members (remainers?) were upset that we were speaking out in public about the horrid actions of the CPP haters. We culled the story from Paulina Hunters blog on My Space. In essence, the remainers are upset about being called out, but NOT upset about violations of civil rights, human rights, Pechanga Constitution, Child Molesters.......

from 2007

We've received a lot of comments from families of CPP members that we have spoken out against. They are not the least embarrassed about what their relatives have done to the tribe.

UPDATE: Sorry, for those who don't know the CPP is part of a splinter group of tribal members that conspired to violate the civil rights of some of the membership. Check out the main page of for the rest of the story. Feel free to join in on the message board at the link above.

Here's what A. Basquez wrote to Paulina Hunter's My Space :

Hey dont be mad because you cant prove your ancestors because I am a basquez and I am proud of it I have been enrolled since 1973 when were you enrolled when the casino went up thats what I thought. OP: Kind of sweet don't you think? that's only 25 years AFTER Lawrence Madariga built his house. He would've needed a new roof by then. Please NO comments on spelling here. After all, he admitted his family, so it's understandable.

another comment...this time from shawn....

From:Just me
Date: May 15, 2007 9:33 AM
Date Sent: 5/15/2007 9:33:00 AMBody:Please leave my family and my people alone, accept the truth and move on....Thank you...."
Body: Please leave my family and my people alone, accept the truth and move on....Thank you....

Shawn, Thanks for writing. We HAVE accepted the truth. The TRUTH is that we were screwed by the Concerned Pechanga People, which includes Butch Murphy, who has NO Pechanga blood. Now, the TRUTH, as proved by Pechanga's own hired expert, (The Hunters DID NOT HIRE HIM, Pechanga did) is that Paulina Hunter was Pechanga. The TRUTH is, that Pechanga Disenrollment committee has depositions taken in the Luiseno language from 1915 that prove that Paulina Hunter is Pechanga. The TRUTH is that Paulina Hunter has census reports from 1895 that says she's from Pechanga. That's 112 years ago. YOUR people, is OUR PEOPLE, Shawn. Educate yourself a little more. Ask yourself why a moratorium is legal? Because of the will of the people? Then why wouldn't that same will of the people, that voted overwhelmingly to halt all disenrollments not followed by the tribal council? You need to accept the truth Shawn, and know that if you don't help to right the Pechanga ship, it will go down. Would you fight for your rights to be Pechanga? Or would you just walk away and say...hey, it's no big deal? Pechanga has been overtaken by corrupt people,

Last one:

Delila V. from Pechanga sent me the following email:

your profile is the most fucken stupidist shit ever a real member wouldnt say shit about the tribe TALK SHIT about other families or about anyone from the REZ. use a person that is no longer here wont say who's profile this is so FUCK YOU AND STOP SENDING ME SHIT. DAMMIT! i dont give a fuck if you got dissenrolled if you were truly from Pechanga Reservation then you wouldn't have got dissenrolled..and can prove that ur from there!

Delila, the problem is that WE DID prove that we were from Pechanga, and in fact, the Pechanga Enrollment Committee PROVED we were from Pechanga, by hiring their own expert, who SAID we were from Pechanga. They chose to believe a child molester instead, and one who stood up in the General Meetings and complained the we weren't voting the way they wanted, and a guy who's two sister's are on the enrollment committee. Gloria W, who came to the reservation 100 years after Paulina was there, and of course, one who doesn't even want her brother in the tribe.
I understand that you don't care if we got disenrolled, you benefit by more people getting kicked out.

These kids are the future of Pechanga...


Anonymous said...

It's tragic what we are doing to ourselves these days in the name of the all mighty dollar. My tribe is not a gaming tribe; however like your tribe we have corrupt people at the top. The woman in my tribe lets just call her Mrs. J has either been the chairperson or had some of her cronies in the position. At every turn she has done all she can to keep the tribe poor, and I believe its because if the people are poor and in poverty then they are more apt to follow you blindly and be happy for any little scrap you give them. Anyways our tribal election is coming up and one of her relatives that doesn't see eye to eye with her is running for Chairperson. He has already stated that if he wins all her people are out and they would actually have to apply for the jobs and get hired by committee rather than by her. So she conspired with her puppet chairperson and her son who happens to be tribal administrator and her other son who just happens to sit on the enrollment committee to get my entire family removed from the tribe. Luckily for us the tribe as a whole stuck with us after we showed that we were in fact lineal descendants from an original assignment holder. However I personally feel that if we were a gaming tribe and each member stood to get a few extra thousand a month by removing the 40 members of my family that they would of dumped us. Greed is tearing the very fabric of what our ancestors stood for apart.

OPechanga said...

In KNBC's video newstory "Without a Tribe" which is linked at my blogroll, Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro, who is related to Paulina Hunter, tried to get the audience to believe that if Pechanga had a cornfield, people wouldn't want to be part of the tribe. In his wording, he tried to insinuate that the Hunter family was there because there was a casino. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, Hunters have been on their land for over 100 years, since the reservation was put together.
We have SWORN statements, in the Luiseno language that Paulina Hunter was Pechanga.
Instead, some on the enrollment committee took the word of a child molester, not the sworn word, or certified copies...just his word.

Anonymous said...

I guess convicted sex offender Ronald Rivera hanging around in front of the tribal school doesn't cut into their per capita so a lot of tribal members look the other way.

But us pointing out how grossly unfair our disenrollment was and the moratorium is could at some point harm their precious per capita and apparently that is more important.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the enrollment committee took the word of an IMPRISONED sex offender, Vince Ibanez, over the vaunted elder Antonio Ashman and the sworn testimony of people that were ALIVE when Paulina Hunter was on the reservation.

'aamokat said...

Not only that, the enrollment committee also took the word of elders alive now, from the CPP faction, including Ibanez, over elders such as Dolores Tortuga who verified that Paulina Hunter also was part of the tribe at the old Temecula Village before the eviction of 1875 before the creation of the reservation.

In addition, the enrollment committee ignored testimony of several current Pechanga elders not from the CPP faction that directly contradicted the testimony of Ibanez and other members of the CPP faction.

cideways said...

Sad that these people are following the CPP, just look at their name, even they know they are not Original Pechanga People. They are fake and false.

Anonymous said...

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