Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pechanga Resort & Casino Sale Offers Picked Over Junk to Employee/Team Members

All is not well at the Pechanga Resort and Casino. Morale is down and an offer of used furniture to employees turns out to be NOT as advertised. Apparently, $30,000 per month is not enough for tribal members to buy NEW furniture, leaving employees with nothing

From a commenter:

For a few weeks, the casino touted the following in the employee newsletter; first notice the title- then how silly it is after being negated by the first bullet


Surplus Sale for Team Members on Friday, July 17th from 9 AM to 4 PM in the Ballroom

- Sale is exclusive to Tribal Members on Thursday, July 16th from 9 AM to 5 PM in the Ballroom
- Available items are subject to quantities on hand and may include:
- From Hotel - exercise bikes, treadmills, sofa beds, lamps, nightstands, armoires, etc.
- From F & B - dinnerware, pots, pans and other cooking utensils or equipment and more!
- Acceptable payments include cash, check, credit cards, and payroll deduction spread over 2 pay periods"

Notice how the "sale" is exclusive to Tribal members before team members can attend. The sale for the team members today ended up being a joke and a slap in the face- it was like a dirty garage sale that had already been picked through. There was nothing of the sort except for strange odds and ends, dirty comforters, and one damaged piece of furniture.

A tribal member DID STOP BY to pick up a piece of exercise equipment that was being held for him... nevermind that he already has an exclusive huge new gym that he can go to for free on the reservation.
The day before- tribal members purchased everything of value that most team members couldn't otherwise afford.

I wish the tribals had thought about the people that earn their pay for them-- employees can't afford nice patio tables or exercise equipment like they could have gotten from this sale anywhere else. I wonder if the tribals paid sales tax?
WHAT A SAD JOKE! This should never have been touted as an employee event-- they just got the crumbs from the table.

To any tribal members that read this- it's ok. We forgive you. We'll keep smiling as you roll by in your new cars that you treat like trash; we'll keep offering our talents for compensation; we'll keep looking the other way when you drink too much and cause a scene, or treat us like we're under you; and even when you send that felon to visit us when we try to serve other guests when Silk reopens (no one likes his flirtation). We'll even continue picking up the slack after those layoffs that spread us way too thin, just so that you can enjoy your monthly paycheck of $30,000 (what'd you have taken away, $1000? $1500 that you complained about even after the layoffs?)

Here is your notice that the feeling from within all of the departments is far worse than it has ever been before. We feel fortunate to have a place that will compensate us for the services that we offer, but YOU need to remember that your reservation and the laws that you live by are governed by the United States of America, and the State of California. If you don't treat your people right, the country that surrounds yours may take another look at your compact.

The whole team member sale issue may seem trivial, but it truly represents the larger issue of this attitude of tribal superiority before the team. Just because you are in the minority doesn't mean that you are immune from being racist, and from the standpoint of many... MANY... that is exactly what you are doing by word and deed. Ask your employees how many times a tribal member has been inside the casino, complained about something, and then is threatened by that member e.g. ,"What's your name? What's your badge number? I'm going to get you fired. I'm a TRIBAL MEMBER."

That $30,000 paycheck isn't going to look so hot if all of your employees walk out. Good luck running the show without us. If you think it can't happen, or won't happen, think again. We can all take a sick day over the course of 24 hours- and since that last "doctors note" fiasco, we can all produce a valid reason for calling off. Even if you fired us all for it, that wouldn't look so hot to your biggest supporters, now would it?

You need to stop taking away--- now!


Thunder said...

A bad image hurts all tribes and your Pechanga Band leaves a black eye on Indian Country.

Tossing a few crumbs at employees won't cover up for the bad actions of disenrollment and moratoriums.

Bring the people home where they belong.

Anonymous said...

Employees should just shut up and be happy they have a job that tribal members gave them.

cideways said...

Hahaha "anonymous" thats a good one, no one should "shut up and take the job" especially when its for a corrupt company. You never hear about Donald Trump treating his employees like that. Most company's value their employees and treat them with respect. Anyone not treated this way should definitely leave and seek employment elsewhere, I hear Pala is good to work for.

White Buffalo said...

Pechanga Greed

It appears that anonymous speaks for the tribe, so it is not surprising that there was not a seconded thought beyond Pechanga's personal greed, the disregard the members show those of their employment the true nature of what it means to be Indian. This spoiled and selfish attitude is not the Indian way; it is that of a undisciplined child. Anonymous if you were my kid I would beat the hell out of you. "Spare the Rod and Spoil the child" Pechanga you are disgraceful poor little Indians can’t afforded to buy at a regular store you have to by at a tienda de segundo. If you do not know, what that means it means secconed hand store. You are truly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The best way to handle this would have been to DONATE the items to Miltary Outreach where our troop families can use items while they are stationed in our miltary camps while living on California bases. They are constantly deployed to different locales and many times do not have sufficent furniture, etc. for their families.

I don't know if the vision of rich natives picking through second-hand goods is funny or tragic. Perhaps, they know of several families in need -- like the outsed tribal members of Pechanga.

'aamokat said...

It is sad how some tribal members treat the employees of the casino and who seem to have no clue that without the employees, they would not be living the life they are now living.

I remember Mr. Potato Head walking around spying on the employees and complaining about them at PDC meetings.

I would bet that the ones who led the charge about getting these deals and the people who complain the most about the employees are all CPP members, the so called Concerned Pechanga People (which should read Corrupt).

The same bunch that have stabbed over 1000 fellow Pechanga people, counting of course the moratorium people and their families.

Anonymous said...

Employees are just that, workers to satisfy the customers. They are paid a fair wage, and they should expect no more.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know how many tribal members actually get the $30,000??
i thoght I read on here around 1,000 members get it??..if thats the case then the tribe is taking out 30 million A MONTH in per capita time for California to legalize gambling for all...not just tribal...thats just one casino taking out 30 million a month....

Anonymous said...

California would benefit quickly from legalizing gaming. Tribes have had the monopoly for many years and a lot of tribes have shown that they wouldn't let it benefit ALL who should.

Time to get gaming in places where it will do the most good and where CA can benefit the most.

Respect Your Elders said...

California would also benefit if the tribes would accept their responsibility for their people.
Covering their health and education so that the people of California don't have to.

Pechanga could bring ALL those home that belong and reduct the pressure on the state, along with Chukchansi and Redding.

They should do what is right. And throwing scraps and junk at employees and treating them disrespectfully, isn't the way to do it.

Anonymous said...

These Idiots are going to continue to do this type of stuff until congress comes down on them.

Congress has no qualms or hesitation on dictating how and where are allocations for gaming distributions for revenue sharing is disbursed, they eagerly step in when they can find a way to integrate more regulation on gaming to pay more mainstream bureaucrats to essentially hold a job.

But when it is time to step in and ensure that these "Dependent Sovereign Nations" run there tribes according to its own laws and U.S. Constitutional laws, they freeze and sit on their hands. Elections are allowed, full family members are in control of committees and councils, to ensure the same belief is dictated through specific tribal governments. Slimy lawyers step in an attempt to justify and assist these hoarders for the sake of receiving a check.

The word sovereign in America is just a word for the government and tribes to hide from responsibility. It would be nice to see the government move expeditiously against these corrupt groups as they have with slobodan milosevec, or saddam hussein. Yeah maybe there is no tangible (killing) ethnic cleansing, but in theory disenrollment, and moratoriums are essentially the same thing. They also build up so much hatred and animosity that eventually good people commit crimes to hurt those that have been picking at them for so long, they can't take anymore.
God have mercy on those who turn a blind eye.

Anonymous said...

"It appears that anonymous speaks for the tribe, so it is not surprising that there was not a seconded thought beyond Pechanga's personal greed, the disregard the members show those of their employment the true nature of what it means to be Indian."

You're wrong, anonymous doesn't speak for all of us! I always keep in mind that something negative will be said so I keep my actions and behavior in or outside of the casino, or in any public place, because if I were to do something wrong the headline will read "Pechanga member"....blah blah blah and you people will have a field day with it,right ?
Even if I, as an individual, do not represent Pechanga as a whole, I do, as an individual, represent Pechanga, or so it seems, according to you! Sorry, I've never bullied, threw my weight around or acted like I was better than an employee just because I am a member and (YES I do get a check), but of course, YOU don't believe anything I say, because we're all a bunch of "lying, greedy, fake Indians," right?? GOD, when will this end!!!

White Buffalo said...

Thank you for quoting me "little-Alligator-Tears" , but you are of Pechanga and you know the behavior mentioned is not one to be proud of. I am not sorry for hurting your feelings with my views about something so petty as secondhand goods that tribal members can afford at retail prices. Did it ever occur to you that more than feelings were hurt when the tribe allowed the corruption of the CCP, enrollment committee, and tribal council made up an excuse to rid themselves of a threat to their power. I call it like I see it, and to further this path of righting the wrong done to me and my family I will speak against those who wronged us. I will also admonish those who stand by and do nothing. If you disagree and say nothing it is because you are afraid of the same thing happening to you and that is why you cry when will we stop. That is not the Indian way nor is the behavior of greed an Indian trait The white man on the council leads you down the wrong path. I would say to his face what I write here, but he hides from me. I am not going away. Say hello to the grand potato for me.

Guero Nunez

Anonymous said...

If anyone wonders, the grand potato (aka Mr. Potato Head) has intitials of E.B. and he is the reason tribal members are limited to five minutes at the podium when making comments at membership meetings.