Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Justice for the People: San Manuel Member Sent to PRISON

She got off EASY, with simple house probation for conspiracy to COMMIT MURDER, while other, non tribal members got prison. Now, Stacy will be where she belongs, IN PRISON for violations of probation 17 years.

San Manuel tribal member Stacy Barajas Nunez was sentenced to 17 years in state prison Friday after a Superior Court judge ruled that she had violated her probation in her attempted murder and drug case.

Prosecutors argued that Nunez had failed to follow directions from the Probation Department about her electronic monitoring, did not have her probation terms on her body when she was stopped by law enforcement, and had associated with a known felon.

A long line of defense witnesses, including Nunez's mother, brother and 16-year-old son testified during her day-long hearing in San Bernardino Superior Court. (what does mom say? "My Stacy is a good girl, she really didn't MEAN to hire those guys to kill another human being" A red-eyed Nunez even took the stand herself, following the sometimes emotional testimony from her son. (I'm sorry, your honor, I didn't think you REALLY MEANT I had to wear that electronic stuff ALL the time, it didn't match some of my outfits.)

None of it swayed Judge Michael Dest from sending the 26-year-old Nunez to state prison for violating the terms of probation he had meted out to her in November.


Anonymous said...

Hmm? Sounds like she finally got what she deserved. She got off easy the first time with just probation and that has proved to be to difficult for her to handle.. I wonder though? Do you suppose she will continue to receive her free casino hand outs while she is in prison?

Anonymous said...

Sure she will, unless the tribe has a rule against paying while in prison.

Didn't Pechanga pay that child molester Ibanez?

Anonymous said...

What are the Pechanga enrollment requirements? Do they have a blood quantum cut-off, or can anyone enroll as long as they have a Pechanga ancestry? I'm curious as to if there is still a strong Pechange blood line flowing. Do they have any 4/4th Pechanga members or are they a rainbow tribe? I am personally against adoptions, especially of non-ndns! I think tribes that adopt non-ndns are going to be the demise of Indian Country. Sometimes what you do today, affects tomorrow.

carolina said...

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