Thursday, April 9, 2009

Unions Lose in Effort to Organize at Foxwoods. Are Unions Needed Anymore?

Do Unions provide any benefit anymore? Why is it that people aren't enamored of the unions like they were in the 40's and 50's? Is is because they are tired of the sneaky ways unions use to get around having to WORK to organize?

Card check could be a last straw for many. The secret ballot prevailed. Unions, if you want to organize, you have to do a BETTER job of selling your benefits. What DO you have to offer unions?

Foxwoods Resort Casino management prevailed Wednesday in a crucial vote to have Local 371 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union represent bartenders, bar porters and beverage servers. In secret ballots conducted during the day and the evening, employees voted 207 to 133 against representation by the union. (that's over 60% AGAINST the union)

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