Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Agua Caliente Casino Employee Arrested on Suspicion of Theft

An Agua Caliente Casino employee was arrested on suspicion of embezzling cash from the Rancho Mirage casino by using the identities of casino patrons, authorities said Monday.

Karl Douglas Walton, 43, of Banning was booked into the Indio Jail at 7:30 p.m. Thursday on suspicion of embezzling more than $400,000 fraud and identity theft, sheriff's investigators said. Walton was released on $60,000 bail the next day.

The investigation began when sheriff's investigators received a report earlier this month of embezzlement and fraud involving an employee from the Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa in Rancho Mirage, said sheriff's Lt. Greg Ammons.

The lieutenant said that during the investigation information was gathered that indicated Walton was embezzling “large sums of money” under different identities of other regular casino guests.

Ammons said the amount of money allegedly embezzled would not be released because of the ongoing investigation.

Investigators believe Walton's position at the casino as a “cash cage supervisor” helped him to carry out the scheme.

A search warrant was served Thursday just before Walton's arrest at his home in Banning in the 200 block of North Phillips Road where investigators seized evidence, according to Ammons.

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Ripped Off said...

I have also had a lot of theft in the casino and tonight is the biggest.BEWARE--!I'm in the Agua Caliente Casino in downtown Palm Springs. I carry around a backpack of all my meds and I'm on crutches. From within the bathroom it disappears and a waitress says very hush, they took it in the backroom. I say who? She says security,walks away. I questioned Security and they refuse to view videos despite it had all my life saving medications and all my credit cards and cash to the tune of several hundred dollars and my hotel keys. I'm.confused as this was a serious security breach, yet the casino is in collusion with those that stole it. An employee saw another employee with backpack go into the back security door. Why? I don't bother anyone and this is going to set me back so that I could lose my place to stay here in Palm Springs. I have no medications etc. The cash was the least of the problems. Why... I want answers as to why security is non existent for patrons. If I have to blog this to death I will until I get my stuff back or are told why it happened. I dont want the employee harrased so her name will only be revealed to those that need to know. Just be warned F-- the casino is here to make money anyway they can even if they have to take it.