Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mark Macarro of Pechanga: Civil Rights Violator on Top 100 CA Power Broker List

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro, dinner companion of Jack Abramhoff, is listed as one of the top 100 political power brokers in California.

79. Mark Macarro, chairman, Pechanga Band of LuiseƱo Indians Nobody did more to put tribal politics on the map than Mark Maccaro. He was the face of the Propositon 5 and Proposition 1A campaigns. And when it came time for Pechanga to update a handful of tribal compacts, Maccaro was once again in the thick of the negotiations. Tribal issues have recessed from the frontlines of state politics somewhat, but if and when they do re-emerge, Maccaro is sure to be in the mix.

Macarro was the face of the Propositions a decade ago, when he promised that gaming would be good for tribes. Since then, he led the tribe to terminate more Indians than the white man ever did the last century. This is NOT an honorable man, nor is his leadership anything more than a corrupt enterprise.

Capitol Weekly has the list. But Mark Macarro shouldn't be on it.


Phil Cuevas said...

Yeah. He got power.... we got broker!

Anonymous said...

A few years back, Mark was mugging in front of every camera and crowd that he could find. However, he has been unusually low key recently. Could the law enforcement and tax investigations at Pechanga have anything to do with his sudden shyness? I hope the poor baby is not having a bad year.

Anonymous said...

Macarro goes to bed every night knowing every corrupt things he has done. These thoughts will soon get the best of him, oh I am sorry I don't think there is any "best" of him left. It is a pitty when someone who has the position to do great things gets caught up in evil. Mr Macarro you never win, eventually your wrong doings will catch up to you.

Sleep Well.....:(

Luiseno said...

" ....some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;"

I really feel that at one time these things really bothered Mark. But now his conscience has been seared like with a hot iron, and I am sure he sleeps just fine now.

Anonymous said...

Remember he lets a white man sit on Tribal Council making decisions for "TRUE" Pechanga members I think he should keep one eye open at all times.

Anonymous said...

Remember "Tribes determine there own membership" If they want to have all non Indians in the tribe, there is nothing that can be done about it. There is nothing that says that they have to have only members that are descended from original Pechanga people (except there own written law, but no one can enforce them to abide by it). If they want to have a Tribe that is composed of blond blue eyed people of Aryan descent I guess that is fine as far as the BIA is concerned.

Allen L. Lee said...

Well Anonymous of April 28, 2009 10:36 AM, the one thing that you miss and I constantly remind those who espouse the theory of" Whatever they want to do is their sovereign right" is the component of "Recognition." The U.S. government will not recognize any sovereign tribe of blond, blue eyed, Aryans based on that criteria alone any more than they would recognize a sovereign state of Black Muslums. A tribe could do that, but they wouldn't warrant recognition as a pre-existing sovereign people based on U.S. criteria. Tribes sovereign recognition from the U.S. is based on their political history and affiliations, not their racial or genetic histories or affiliations.
Any tribe engaging in such behavior should be removed from the federal list of recognized tribes just as if the were Apartheid South Africa.
Allen L. Lee

Anonymous said...

Mr Lee you make much sense. I know you are just speaking the truth. All of the rules are in place dear family, it is time to take back what we have lost. It is time for Butch and his peeps to stop mooching off true Indian people.

'aamokat said...

The thing is whether Butch Murphy is lawfully in the tribe or not.

He may very well have a legal claim to be in the tribe.

His family were taken in as tribal members in 1986 by a vote of the general membership after the enrollment committee had turned down their applications for enrollment.

But if he was adopted by the tribe he obviously wasn't adopted before 1928, a Pechanga Band constitutional requirment.

The reasoning the tribal council gave in allowing the Hunters to be disenrolled in 2006 after the tribe had voted to end disenrollments in 2005 was the following:

1. the council claimed the petition didn't cover an ongoing disenrollment case started before the petition was passed.

2. the council stated the petition didn't change the Band's enrollment requirments.

Note: We, the Hunters, maintain that we presented evidence that prove we are Pechanga but the CPP biased slight majority on the committee ignored every piece of evidence that supported our case to remain tribal members.

3. The tribal council claimed that the enrollment committee is the final authority on enrollment decisions and the general membership cannot question or interrupt the committee regarding enrollment or disnerollment.

So if Butch Murphy and his family don't meet the constitutional requirments to be tribal members, including the clause about adoption before 1928, according to the tribal council decision of 2006he is not a lawful tribal member.

However, if the general membership, as stated in the Band's constitution, is the final authority in all matters of tribal government including enrollment decisions, then the tribe could and did vote to take in the Murphys as tribal members.

So as I have stated before, if the tribe could vote to take in the Murphys as tribal members in 1986, then they could vote to stop all disenrollments in 2005 and the Hunters were illegally disenrolled in 2006 because the disenrollment procedures no longer existed as a part of Pechanga tribal law as of the date the petition was justified as is stated in the 2005 petition.

So the very fact that Butch Murphy is in the tribe today shows tribal legal precedent that the general membership is indeed the final authority on all matters of tribal government including enrollment decisions.

So like it or not, if we do get our rightful place back in the tribe, we may very well be stuck with having Butch Murphy as a fellow tribal member.

By the way, most Pechanga tribal members in the tribe today do have a legitimate blood claim for being Pechanga tribal members even most of those who look like white people.

You can't go by what people look like as those people probably have Pechanga blood relatives who have the black hair and the darker skin.

But I do share the frustration of my family members of having someone who probably has no blood connection to my tribe having ruled on my fate as a tribal member when I have a blood claim on tribal membership.

Anonymous said...

If this Swine Flu starts getting worse in is sure to hit the bottom line at the tribal casinos....what better breeding ground than the thousands of poeple daily at the Casinos...the machines will be full of the virus as people cough into hands and then touch the buttons....spreading it from one person to another....and then the Casinos will be hurt big time by the loss of income...and Macarro wont have so much cash to throw around and buy off politicians!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the State will put the Casinos on the warning lists for people to stay out of in case of the flu....not trying to be racist at all..but every time that i go..i get coughed on by an asian person...they dont cover their mouths at all..and im sure its just a cultural thing...this isnt a knock on Asians...its just that the Casinos bus them in like mad...and they have different customs...they will stand 1 foot behind you and cough and it gets pretty scarey with all the diseases going around....and most of them are not American-asians, but ones that dont speak the english language , so you cant try and explain to them to give you some space!..I always worry about TB with all the coughing , but now the flu also...think I will stay away from gambling for awhile!!!!
and am sure many people will feel the same about the Casinos and the FLU...oh darn...there goes the per capita Pechanga!!!

Anonymous said...

'aamokat as usual you make some very valid points, all of which should be a big factor in reinstating the Hunter family back in to the tribe where they belong. Has anyone heard an update about Jon Velie? Prayers are with the Gans family on the passing of Danny today.