Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pechanga Sends Golf Course Manager on a JOURNEY?

Sources are reporting that the Manager of the Pechanga Golf Course, JOURNEY , Andrew Miranda, has been escorted OFF the property.

How bad does it have to get when Andrew's own brother in on the PDC and may have signed off on this?



'aamokat said...

Well, Anthony Miranda, the author of the petition in 2005 that was supposed to end all disenrollments at Pechanga, in 2007 signed a letter to the California Native American Caucus that defended the CPP's twisted interpretation of sovereignty and that was against a previous caucus resolution supporting the rights of individual Native Americans.

So can we trust Anthony to take a stand on anything?

After all the tribal council totally went against the spirit of Anthony's anti disenrollment petition in allowing the disenrollment of the Hunters in 2006.

So if his brother Andrew was done wrong, and I don't know the details as to what happened, would Anthony go to bat for is brother?

I am not sure if he would or not.

After all, Anthony M. doesn't seem to be able to take a stand for what is right.

'aamokat said...

Of course Andrew Miranda could be another example of the lack of integrity that some Pechanga officials have.

Maybe he was found with his hand in the cookie jar, who knows?

As this point, until we get some details as to what happened, we can't say one way or the other if there was any wrong doing or not.

We don't want to do to Mr. Miranda what was done to us, convict him without due process.

Which is exactly what happened to us with our disenrollments.

Our resident tribal hack who comes here from time to time and says the facts were not on our side and that we were afforded due process knows fully well if he or she truly knows the facts that our disenrollment was anything but fair.

We, the Pechanga disenrolled, never really had our day in court.

Anonymous said...

Beyond due process, is it just and fair when the "DIS"Enrollment Committee chairwoman states the family has all the docmentation to prove lineage, you just need to get the documents with the asterisks certified to close the matter, then all of a sudden be disenrolled? It's disgusting.

'aamokat said...

Plus additional items were listed in the documents reviewed by the enrollment committee that we never even saw before our disenrollment.

Also, we were never told by the enrollment committee before our disenrollment why the documentation used to originally enroll us was lacking in proving tribal membership, a requirment under the disenrollment procedures.

But even in the Record of Decision against us the committee's reasoning for disenrolling us was vague so the case against us was never really presented against us.

All we were presented with by the enrollment committee before our disenrollment were letters and statements by the CPP faction of the tribe that claimed our family have never been recognized by the tribe as true Pechanga people.

Statements that were directly contradicted by other current tribal elders that are listed in the Record of Decision but ignored by the committee in their decision.

Add on the lack of due process afforded us by allowing relatives of the people who submitted the so called evidence against us to rule on our case shows the gross unfairness of our disenrollments.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the bias and conflict of interest infused in not only some of the current General Membership but also Tribal Council and the "DIS"Enrollment Committee, the following goes to show you the lack of competence some of the Tribe has in making/enforcing decisions and interpreting laws, in that the Tribe has to attempt to justify how individuals demonstrating lineal descent to a Temecula/Pechanga indian can be disenrolled, but somehow "adopted" people have not only been able to gain membership but aldo thrive by sustaining membership for themselves and their families over multiple generations. Let me remind everyone that all of these people "adopted the Indian Way" are posers and should be removed from the rolls immediately, as the Constitution states the following requirement for membership:

Adopted people, family or Band, and non-indians cannot be enrolled. There is one exception: People who were accepted the Indian Way prior to 1928 will be accepted.

This exception does not mention proving lineage to any of these people; which means, at most, only members that were born prior to 1928 could have ever been "accepted", that goes for you MURPHY. All "accepted" (NOT ADOPTED, like you state you were JENNIE) people should already have passed on and only those with lineal descent to only original Temecula/Pechanga indian people should currently be enrolled.

This, I assure you, is not the case.