Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cherokees Donate $50,000 to Barack Obama's Inauguration. Council UNINFORMED of the Donation

It LOOKS like the Cherokee Nation is trying to curry favor from the new President. Could it be a ploy to get special consideration in their case against their Cherokee Freedmen brothers and sisters? The issue will be brought up before the new Congress.

The Cherokee Nation has made the maximum donation allowed to President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration committee. Spokesman Mike Miller says the tribe hopes the $50,000 donation sends a message to Obama's administration that the tribe wants to be involved with any possible policy development. OP: Yeah, buying involvement....

The Cherokees were the only entity in Oklahoma to make the maximum donation. The next largest donation from the state was a $25,000 gift from Oklahoma Democratic Party finance chief Reggie Whitten of Edmond. No one else in the state donated more than $500 to the inauguration. Miller says such donations are determined by Chief Chad Smith and the tribal council.

CURIOUS UPDATE: The Council DID NOT Authorize it?

A $50,000 donation made by the business arm of the Cherokee Nation to the inauguration fund of President-elect Barack Obama did not receive authorization by the tribe’s council and many council members were unaware of the donation until seeing news accounts of it or after receiving phone calls from constituents, the TULSA WORLD has learned.

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