Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cesar Caballero FIGHTS for his Recognition. NARF won't help, CILS won't help. ACLU won't Help

Cesar has been fighting a long time and he's a friend to all those who have been disenrolled. Has NARF called to help? Will CILS help? In a word: NO. HAIL CESAR!

PLACERVILLE, CA - Cesar Caballero traces his native American ancestry back more than a century to the Miwok tribe in El Dorado County.

But his claim to the name put him squarely in the sights of the tribe that just opened the Red Hawk casino in Shingle Springs. With millions of dollars at stake, the name of the tribe has become a valuable trademark.

Caballero, 38, said he has tried unsucessfully for several years to gain recognition from the Shingle Springs band of Miwok Indians.
The long-simmering dispute between Caballero and Shingle Springs tribal leaders boiled over when Caballero filed official papers with the El Dorado County recorder identifying himself as the tribal historian of the Shingle Springs band.

The Shingle Springs band filed suit in Sacramento federal court last week accusing Caballero of trademark infringement and seeking an injunction barring him from using the name.
In a written statement to News10, an attorney representing the band did not dispute Caballero's claim of Miwok ancestry, but said he has no ancestral link to the Shingle Springs rancheria.
"Whether or not Mr. Caballero is Miwok is irrelevant to the issue," wrote attorney Paula Yost. "Indeed there may well be Miwoks in California who are not members of the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians, a fact owed as much to the disastrous historical mistreatment and dispersion of California Indians by settlers and the United States government than anything else." Uh, NO, MS. LAWYER, it has to do with TRIBES refusing to take in rightful members. The SETTLERS had NOTHING TO DO with this.

Caballero said he speaks for as many as 400 Miwoks in El Dorado County who have been left behind by the new prosperity facing the Shingle Springs band.

He said he's seeking legal help to defend against the lawsuit.

Hey NARF (Native American Rights Fund) HOW ABOUT fighting for the rights of some Native Americans that ARE NOT your big donors. Stand up and speak TRUTH to Power, you cowards. Here is part of NARF's description of their organization:

Founded in 1970, the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) is the oldest and largest nonprofit law firm dedicated to asserting and defending the rights of Indian tribes, organizations and individuals nationwide.

Hey CILS (California Indian Legal Services) HOW ABOUT PROVIDING some LEGAL SERVICES to a man and group that are being mistreated.


Anonymous said...

Go Mr. Caballero! Way to stand up for yourself and your people.

Anonymous said...

It's hurtful that those that say they want to help Indians, don't help those that really need it.

The 3,000 in CA that need help don't get any from NARF.

Casino tribes can help themselves...

Anonymous said...

Maybe these groups like NARF don't think that disenrolled and belittled people aren't standing up for themselves, so why should they?

Redwood said...

I hardly think that the disenrolled are not standing up for themselves... they merely have not been able to find a forum to air their grievances! When the deck has been stacked against you... and there is so much money fighting against you... and the federal government who created the situation for this to happen is sitting back on its heels and enjoying watch us destroy ourselves... it has been an uphill climb, for sure!

I think what is sad is that those of us who still feel "safe" because we are "not affected" by disenrollment... In other words, we still have our membership in tribes... when we do not recognize that at any time, we could become one of the disenrolled. We should all be standing up for those who have been disenrolled... The way the courts have refused to look at this... hiding behind that laughable "sovereignty" word... Yeah, right! We are "sovereign" as long as "they" allow us to be! "They" will rescind that at any moment they choose to, because it will be in the "public good." No, the federal government has enjoyed watching us destroy ourselves, and for the most part... other tribes sit back and watch and do nothing... because we claim it isn't our business to have opinions about what other tribes are doing. We all know that all it takes is a shift in our tribal governments... when competing families gain power, we are all in risk of tribal disenrollment, and we have no one to appeal to, no forum to seek help from, because of this stupid word: Sovereignty. It is no wonder that finally, there are a few people beginning to take notice, and perhaps the tribes have done themselves a disservice... Because we have not policed ourselves, we will lose what precious little "sovereignty" we thought we had!

Disenrollment is an embarrassment to the entire Indian community. I am ashamed that the people which I identify with could possibly do this to their own people, while on the other hand, claim such spirituality.

Anonymous said...

My name is Doris Blackwell Carbajal and myself and my family are in this situation. Cesar is my nephew and I give him high praise for doing such a strenuous good job, we need all the help we can get. This is our grandchildrens heritage and our legacy being taken away. We all need to stand together rather than be divided

cherlyn said...

Cesar Caballero is an opportunist. He speakers for 400 Miwok?? I doubt it. More like 4, if that. This man abuses the Salmon distribution program. I hardly think he is in this venture for honor or for others. You see, I know this person and it is my opinion that he is a totally disillusioned. He’s merely entranced by our lifestyle and wants the same life for himself. He thinks proving himself Indian proves himself heir to the throne. So to speak. It’s a lot more than you realize Cesar. Go get a life man!

cherlyn said...
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cherlyn said...
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