Friday, December 19, 2008

Wayne Thompson, Civil Rights Activist and Cherokee Freedmen Support Passes

Sadly Wayne Thompson, noted civil rights activist and supporter of the Cherokee Freedmen, The Seminole Freedmen and the Creek Freedmen has passed away.

Here's a portion of a message from Jon Velie, Oklahoma Attorney.

Wayne wanted no notoriety for his efforts to help the oppressed people around the world. He is greatest civil rights fighter that most people have never heard of. And that is exactly how Wayne wanted it. His work on the Seminole and Cherokee Freedmen cases over the past fifteen years was amazing.

Wayne shut down the Seminole Nation for two years when they voted out their Freedmen. He picked up the phone and got it done. On this event the basis of the Cherokee Freedmen case has been built. Wayne received no notoriety for this, no money, in fact it cost him plenty. Not just airfare either.

Wayne was hired by the Seminoles to advocate for monies denied them by the US over mineral rights. When the Seminoles expelled the Freedmen, Wayne shut them down and stopped the deal. It cost him a lot of money, this may have been tough for many, but to Wayne it was a no brainer.

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Thank you, Mr. Thompson, for standing up for all of us, even when some of us won't stand up for ourselves.

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