Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pala Chairman Robert Smith Not Providing Equal Protection for His Tribal Citizens?

I received some information regarding Pala Chairman Robert Smith's use of selective enforcement on their recent disenrollments:

There is a great deal of dialogue going on with Robert Smith’s arbitrary, capricious and patently illegal application of information taken from the 1928 California Indian Judgment Roll. This application of “Rocinda Nolasquez” raises more question about why no one has bothered to raise any concern about the official correction made that disallows “Mexican Indian blood” to calculate an applicant’s Indian blood.

Please note that Rocinda lists Merced Nolasquez as her mother. Uncontroverted historical evidence proves Merced and Margarita Brittain were half-sisters with the same father, Peligrino Ortega.

I hope this specific application can be placed in public view to inspire discussion on the violations by the Smith regime of human rights and rights of the disenrolled guaranteed by the federal Indian Civil Rights Act.


It seems that Chairman Smith has some explaining to do. Why did they not disenroll the family of Merced? We should again ask for field hearings.

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