Friday, March 2, 2012

Should Feds Freeze Accounts of Tribes That Violate Their Constitutions? Pechanga, Chukchansi would apply

A letter to the editor of the Sierra Star News brings up an interesting point. Should the threat of freezing tribal accounts be realized? At Chukchansi, a lawful election was held and the outgoing council voided it illegally. At Pechanga, the tribe voted to halt all disenrollments and the tribal council ignored the will of the people. SHOULD THEIR ACCOUNTS be frozen until justice is served?

Freeze tribal accounts

Dear Editor,

The real problem behind all the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians' politics is money. The saying "money corrupts" is clear as the tribe disenrolls members and fights over power.

So the simple solution is stop the flow of money. The tribe needs the Federal Banking System to operate. The tribal entity has become invalid due to the infighting so no bank should recognize any signature on any check. The authority to withdraw money should be frozen until the internal fighting has come to a conclusion.

The federal government should tell their bank to freeze tribal accounts. This is a win for the feds as they will not be meddling in tribal affairs ... just enforcing banking regulations that require "authorized" signatures for any entity.

This whole thing can be wrapped up with a 10-day notice from the federal banking regulators, not the Bureau of Indian Affairs. You watch how fast the tribe settles its bickering that has left the rest of us scoff at their greed.

Marc Sobel, Oakhurst
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