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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Glenn Marshall, Imprisoned Former Leader of Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe to Be Released

Glenn Marshall, the former leader of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, is being released from federal prison later this month, his wife said this morning. OP: Wow, has time flown by, probably not to this thief and corrupt leader though....

No date has been set for Marshall's release, but he's been told by prison officials that it will be this month, Paula Marshall said. “That's very good news,” she said.

Marshall has gone through the course work necessary to be released from Butner Federal Correction Complex in North Carolina, his wife said. She is just waiting to hear from probation officials the exact date.

In 2009 Marshall was sentenced to 3½ years in federal prison after pleading guilty to political corruption and embezzlement charges. Federal prosecutors said Marshall stole nearly $400,000 given to the tribe by a casino investor.

The online database for the federal Bureau of Prisons still has Marshall's release date as June 4, but a spokesman said it's possible Marshall would be released sooner. The spokesman said he wouldn't be able to comment until after Marshall is released.

Butner is a medical facility where Bernard Madoff, who bilked his clients out millions in investments, is also being held.

Paula Marshall declined to say publicly what ailments her husband has in prison, but said she's looking forward to him getting out.

Before he was charged criminally, Marshall resigned as the tribe's chairman after it was revealed he had previously been convicted of rape. Marshall also lied about his service in Vietnam in published reports and in testimony before U.S. Congress.

Despite the criminal charges and the scandal, Marshall still has some staunch supporters within the tribe who credit him with cutting through the bureaucracy to get the tribe federally recognized in 2007. That federal recognition is a key step in an Indian tribe's pursuit of casino gambling.


Anonymous said...

this comment may not be allowed but here goes.Until you know the whole story do not judge.The whole story will be coming out and there will be shocks heard around.

Anonymous said...

What whole story, he was convicted.

stand your ground said...

with the format changes, this could drive me to drinking {not that I need an excuse} O.K. I will remain calm...Oohm

White Buffalo said...

If he is guilty then he was punished fairly. As for his illness, I wonder if it is an internal condition or an external condition that affected his internals. I apologies now to you OP and anyone who might be offended, Butt this is just too good to pass up. I wonder if he has to make restitution to the tribe. Do the Federal Prison’s sell soap on a rope????

Anonymous said...

He probably collected per capita the full time he was incarcerated and will enter society with a hefty bank account.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this tribe has no per capita .This tribe has no land in trust,no gaming ,no economic development what so ever.Thanks to the Tribal Council run by Cedric Cromwell and his goons.Corruption,fraud ect.

Tarsides Ghost said...

Glenn Marshall did not steal anything from the Tribe. It was not the Tribes money that he was giving to the backstabbers that turned on him, but was entrusted to him for that purpose from a non-Indian.

Anonymous said...

Cromwell;et al

Anonymous said...

The Mashpee tribe was a former Abramoff client. What I remember researching his case is that the allegations against him were leaked by his own PR firm once Deval Patrick prepared to exend the tribe permission to acquire $1 billion casino. The allegations were pushed through a PR firm and then suddenly he was under investigaiton for a rape that had allegedly occurred decades ago and for allegedlh misrepresenting military honors. I spoke to the casino developer at the time who said that they were all under seige by outside forces. Once Marshall was in the federal cross hairs, the developer, how had financed the tribe's bid for federal recognition was pushed out and MGM got the contract. I believe this was another Scott Reed-inspired decapitation