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Thursday, March 15, 2012

After paying out $400,000 To Entice Members to Vote, Reggie Lewis Elected to Chukchansi Council

The Sierra Star News' Carmen George has thefull details of the drama, subterfuge and get paid to vote story at the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians

The General Council meeting was scheduled for Saturday after the council led by Lewis failed the weekend before to reach a quorum, with meetings historically only held quarterly. This time, a $1,000 check was promised to every tribal member that attended, and free rooms at Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino for those traveling from outside 70 miles of the rancheria.

An estimated 60 Chukchansi people, including those elected Dec. 3, were not a part of those discussions, barred from attending the General Council meeting on grounds that they were not allowed on tribal properties for 30 days. Salazar said the number was actually about 40 individuals.

They were kept out of the meeting because they were determined to be present at the tribal offices Feb. 27 or 28 during the office break-in in an attempt to seat the four tribal council members elected in December. The newly-elected are against recent disenrollments of tribal members, what Lewis' council has been voting in favor of.

Some tribal members did not receive letters that they were banned from tribal property until Saturday, when trying to attend the meeting or vote. Some stated that they were never present at the tribal offices when the break-in occurred -- purposefully avoiding the offices for fear of retaliation later.

Read More at the Carmen George link above


Anonymous said...

This story makes me reflect on the corruption that is running rampant in so many political systems that this blog reports on. In June 2005 the Pechanga Band held a General Membership meeting and voted on a petition that the tribal legal council found valid. The General membership "people of the band" voted overwhelmingly to stop the enrollment committee from investigating families for the purpose of disenrollment, to repeal the disenrollment procedures and include all currently enrollment members as meeting the criteria for enrollment and membership in the band. What happened next needs federal investigation hearings, and criminal charges need to be applied accordingly. Open the can, and let the ass wooping begin.

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

hmmmm...the ex-mayor of chicago just received a 14 year prison term for corruption...general manager of the chukchansi gold casino received 4 years for embezzlement...

doesn't the federal government want to apply the same rules to corrupt individuals in tribal councils stealing not only the very birthright of THOUSANDS of their own people but HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars--including MILLIONS of FEDERAL dollars--as well?

CONGRESS, FBI, DOJ, BIA--where are YOU????

Anonymous said...

Excellent point...

smokeybear said...

"Lewis, you worthless S.O.B. You set the stage for this "Travisty Of Justice!" Your $1000 payout for...."TRAVEL," was nothing more then paying for "Votes." And you "Damn Well Know It!" A "Clear case of Conflict Of Interest!" And you watch that "Lame A.. B.I.A" refuse to step in and say so. That first election was honest and fair, but no, "Lewis" had another agenda in the works. That's why he refused to step down. I would like to know what the B.I.A. got for this "Blatant Indescretion?" Now we all know how he(Lewis) pulled this off: "He Bought It!"...Question: "Where did that $1000 come out of, the Tribes General Fund?" And the other "Legal Election" is "Null and Void?" "Criminal Action" with the B.I.A. right in the middle of this "Illegal Move" by a "Corrupt Tribal Leader," and backing his "Treasonous Acts" without question. The B.I.A. is nothing more then a "Joke," and a bad one at that. "Chickenhawk,"..."You Worthless Spineless Jellyfish." Where is the "Justice" for the Indians you have sworn to protect? On the "Outside Looking In," because you refuse to act responsibly for the good of all "Native Americans" in your "Care!" So, now, what will come of "Morris and His Followers?"

Lewis loses in a fair election, then refuses to step down. No help from the B.I.A. Morris wins the election, but can't take office because Lewis won't step down. No help from the B.I.A. New election and votes paid for by Lewis in the form of "Travel Money." A Conflict of Interest," no help from the B.I.A. Now Lewis wins the unethical election by "Fraud," and you watch: "Now the B.I.A. will embrace this "Travisty of Justice" and say all is well. "SO WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?" These are all "Corrupt and Criminal Acts" and the B.I.A. "Damn well knows it." So Lewis is allowed to continue with his "Treasonous Acts" against his own people, without "Question!"..."Retaliation"will now be the order of the day. And the B.I.A. will stand back and let it happen. "Mark My Words!"

Anonymous said...

I agree, and its only gonna get worse. Maybe death will get the attention. Yet again I wouldn't put money on it.

smokeybear said...

Question: "What does the "Chukchansi" have to do, short of "Violence," to get a "Fair Shake?" They had a "Fair Election," but the "Rodent in Charge" didn't like the "Outcome!" There is a "Regression" here, back to the "Fox In The Henhouse" looking for his next meal. Now "Morris and his Followers" need to "Watch Their Backs!"