Monday, March 5, 2012

While Tribes Like Pechanga and Chukchansi STEAL from their people; San Manuel Helps Other Tribes

The San Manuel Band of Indians, of Highland, one of California's richest tribes, has given a grant to the Hopi of Arizona:

The Hopi Tribal Council approved an Emergency Declaration, directing the Hopi Emergency Response Team to assist the Solid Waste Program in correcting and properly disposing of solid waste. The Emergency Response Team was tasked to identify financial resources to acquire vehicles to assist in the collection of refuse.

The Hopi Solid Waste Program serves more than 1,000 Hopi households across the reservation, and some 50 households in three Navajo communities, with waste pick up that helps the tribe to meet public health responsibilities, including providing and maintaining a clean environment. The total service area includes 1,500 square miles.

"This task has been accomplished with a generous $330,273 grant provided by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians" said Hopi Chairman LeRoy Shingoitewa. "The Solid Waste program is now able to purchase a compactor, pickup truck, flatbed truck, flatbed trailer and an SUV. The compactor is a special order and will take some time to build".

San Manuel has given hundreds of thousands to tribes less fortunate, and some are very generous with their own money. It's refreshing to see in times where Pechanga has stolen $330 million from members and Chukchansi has left elders to freeze in the winter....


Anonymous said...

Congrats to San Manuel for showing leadership.

smokeybear said...

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What? Where's Anotherview's post?

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