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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Prayer Request for the Schenendoah Family of Oneida Nation

I received this prayer request from friends of the Oneida Nation. See THIS VIDEO as to how code enforcement works at the Oneida Nation

Please add the Schenandoah family to your prayers..

On March 14, 2012 Diane Schenandoah received notice from the Oneida Nation of New York that her log cabin would be inspected by their Codes Enforcement Officer. In that order it states that she must cease and desist from repairing her cabin on Oneida Territory homeland. OP: Cease and desist? Should they want her to keep working on it? Diane Schenandoah, a Faith Keeper for the Oneida people has been working for the past several years towards restoring her mother "Wolf Clan Mother" Maisie's cabin.

This cabin was the first longhouse for ceremonies on the Oneida Territory. Maisie, Sonny, her family and numerous people have stayed, danced and gathered, prayed. learned and worked on Art over the years. Diane has worked on her Art there for the past 30 years and has been working toward restoring this historical piece of Oneida Territory which has been in need since the passing of Maisie.

Diane is praying for a peaceful and fair resolution and has agreed to allow an inspection. There is a great need for peace and healing after the previous forced police inspections which left many evicted and homeless. She is Praying for Fairness with Integrity in the name of peace and concessional resolve.

We ask for your prayers that;

That the "Oneida Nation" work with Diane for repairs to go forward and that our Creator God will provide the necessary resouces for completion.


Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think they give a shit what you say or type? It's been to long, they just don't care! no ones ever gonna be enrolled, there's a fifteen year moratorium still going on, suppose to be over in 2014, bunch of bullshit, i've given up, why not you!

Anonymous said...

I’m a descendant of an original allotee still living on my families’ original allotment. I will never give up my land there for I will never give up. When you have to fight criminal acts and injustice it doesn’t happen overnight nor is it easy. Knowing this won’t deter me I’m in it for the duration.

White Buffalo said...

Many times I have wondered if it is worth the effort, but then I think of my grandfather and all of the stories he told us about our past. Who we are and where we came from. They have meaning and I know it would be wrong to give up. When I think of what was lost I do not think about the casino or the money. I think of family and what our ancestors had to endure at the hands of invaders who virtually enslaved them, and then stole all that was theirs. For them the fear of starvation and death was something that they lived with every day of their lives. They could not quit for if they did they and their heritage would cease to exist. I know that I will not stop for our history and our name should never be forgotten. One day I will walk on that land again and a dance will be made to celebrate those who will have been brought home.

Anonymous said...

praying to our Creator for peace and restoration. sad times for sure but God can still do miracles.

Anonymous said...

IF YOU KEEP coming here, you haven't given up. They want you to quit, so quit! Do what they want.

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...
IF YOU KEEP coming here, you haven't given up. They want you to quit, so quit! Do what they want.

So, you tell me: "Why should we "Give up and quit?" So you think we are to allow these "Corrupt Criminals" to get away with these "Treasonous Acts" because, as of yet, there is no one to "Stop Them? That is "Foolish!"..."YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS?" We have our "Birthright and Heritage" that is in "Jeopardy" of being lost to us and our children. "We can "Prove" who we are, and that should be sufficiant cause to keep our fight alive. So don't even go there with a "Lame Statement" like "QUIT, AND GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT?" For they are still "The Fox In The Henhouse" looking for their next meal(More Disenrollments). And you have got to "Realize" that this isn't going to stop "UNLESS WE MAKE THEM!" So "Give up and Quit:"..."Not A Chance!" I can't, even, "Believe You Said That," unless, of course, you want these "Criminals" to get away with their "Corrupt Acts?" Is that your "Premise?" How about an "Explanation for you "Insidious" remarks? "We're all Ears."...."Eagle Eyes"

smokeybear said...

Anonymous on March 26, 2012 8:11 AM.

It has been 2 days since your statement of "Give Up And Quit?" We have asked you to "Explain" your "Defeatous Remarks," but as of yet, you haven't come foreward?
....."Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

"given up"
You must be one of those who were enrolled when they started to mention about the Casino. You most likely do not have any land here on Pechanga and if you do, it is not from a lineal decent, You have no clue or an understanding what it means for someone who has lived here all there lives then people the Leyva’s and the Macarro’s came in and destroy the very entity of what this Reservation was about. We (moratorium or disenrolled) will fight through our entire life span with this cancer or gangrene that has eaten away the very essence of this Reservation. You sound like all those who came from the big city life and got their first per-cap check and now you know the old days the old ways and you know how hard it was to live here. And know you think we will actually listen to you!
There is a new generation that is coming up from the Rez and they can not stand the sight of Mark or his brother for what have done to it. Changes will come whether you like them or not, You and your family maybe one day the ones looking in from the outside.