Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chukchansi Election Committee Speaks Out; Obfuscates

The Chukchansi Elections Committee explains the political problems that led to violence this week. Meanwhile, the 48 hour stand down expired but both sides remain peaceful and are working to extend the deadline by 24 - 48 more hours, because an agreement has not been reached.

Two factions of the tribe have been at odds for two months due to the last election results and questions over Harold Hammond Sr's elegibility to be on the tribal council. Even though he was one of the winners.

"There was some paperwork that came in, in the appeal process after the elction... and we had to investigate and then we had to go from there. And there is an appeal process after the election which is 10 days," said Dominique Carrillo, the Elections Committee Chairwoman.

The committee says Hammond already had a violation from when he served on the council in the past, for being on casino property in an area where only employees are allowed.

"I was never charged with anything, and I never have seen any evidence that they're proclaiming of the laws that I broke," said Hammond, in a phone interview with CBS47.

Still, Hammond was able to run for council again but then, came claims of more violations. Hammond admits he went into the Butler building. The Elections Committee says the building is owned by the casino which makes it a violation for Hammond to be there because of his previous problems. But Hammond says the building is subleased to the tribe and is where monthly Chukchansi tribal meetings are held.

"That building belongs to us, it doesn't belong to Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino," said Hammond.

The committee says the other three members that won in the December election will be on the council. As far as the two council members that lost, but did not step down, Chairman Reggie Lewis and Chance Alberta, the committee says they're following tribal law.

"They will stay seated until we finalize this election," said Carrillo.

The new election will be held on March 10th, all of the candidates that lost the race will be on the ballot for that seat, including Lewis and Alberta. Many tribal members have a problem with that, because they claim Lewis has been disenrolling members from the tribe who don't support him. Therefore, a new election with fewer voters would give him and others an unfair advantage.

But the Elections Committee says disenrollments have been happening for decades, because many current tribal members are not actual Chukchansi descendants.

We'd love to hear the Chukchansi disenrolled side of it.


Anonymous said...

Ok Election Committee, since when has it been your place to decide whether or not we are chuckchansi?
And do you have any proof that were not? Besides if anyone should be disenrolled it should be Reggie Lewis, he hasent been on the council since the last election, remeber? He was voted out any objections he had at the time were void.

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

all my relations...

hmmm...don't have a current copy of the election ordinance, as it has been changed numerous times over the past five years, with the document NEVER forthcoming from the tribal council...AND since the tribal offices at picayune had been LOCKED, CHAINED, AND GUARDED by the lewis "mini'council" for over two months prior to the reid "mini-council" takeover it would have been impossible to request one...also, it is my understanding that some members of the election committee have now been "removed" by the lewis "mini-council" so undoubtedly ANY information coming from the election committee is one sided--the lewis side--in nature...

and NEWSFLASH for both "mini councils" and their supporters--BOTH sides of which are guilty of perpetrating a HORRIFIC genocide against OUR people...ALL of the people disenrolled from picayune should be brought home NOW and our circle restored...

if not, expect more of the same no matter WHO is seated on council...greed, corruption, and yes DISMEMBERMENT will continue until NOTHING is left of picayune...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they bullied the Election Committe and made them turn. The Attorney even thought there was no merit until they found out Chance was behind the appeal. It's corruption with all their family set on different committees. Step down Reggie and Chance!!!!

smokeybear said...

That's right, "Lewis," you lost the election, now get over it and "Step Down, for the good of your Tribe."