Sunday, August 28, 2016

8 Million Californians to Lose their Citizenship. State Revokes Their Right To Belong

8 MM Californians to Lose Their Citizenship After Immigration Determines They Can't prove they are Citizens. Or, 
How it works at Pala, Pechanga, Chukchansi, Redding, EVIDENCE doesn't MATTER, you are out

Today, you opened your mailbox and discovered a letter from the Immigration Service. You open it and find that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has determined that your citizenship with the United States was given to you mistakenly and now they are going to terminate that citizenship.  ICE grants you one hearing to explain why you should not lose your citizenship.

You prepare your hearing materials to prove that this is some kind of mistake. You gather family tree records, birth certificates, and you even have an ancestor dug up to test for DNA which comes in at 99.7% match. Even though you are not allowed to see the “evidence against you, you know you have the burden of proof met, even archeology experts that the INS uses proves your ancestry.

The day of the hearing arrives and you march in to present your case, confident that having been born here in the United States is more than enough qualification for you to successfully prove your case. When it’s your turn to present your evidence, the Immigration Service lawyers simply say, "We don't accept that evidence." The judges in your case, whose relatives sent the letters of disenrollment as Americans side with the Immigration Services. You are now a non-citizen.

How can this happen?
You’ve met the burden of proof with the preponderance of the evidence and yet, you still lose your citizenship and all rights that come with it, voting rights, health care, educational assistance.

You appeal your case to the very people that terminated you and a month later, you receive a notice from the hearing that confirms the decision to remove your citizenship from you and it also instructs you to move from your current location to make room for "real citizens”

Those citizens may be adopted and not born in this country, but that’s okay, because the government has the right to determine its membership.

Welcome to Indian Country of California, where the tribes mentioned above have removed 25% of their tribes, which would equate to 8 million Californians.  Would you stand up for your fellow citizens, some of them your relatives to restore their citizenship?   If so, then why are you patronizing a business and casino of a tribe that does just this to their people?
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