Sunday, August 8, 2010

Temecula Could Sue Pechanga Over Casino Costs; Should City BOYCOTT Pechanga Casino?

Temecula officials are recommending legal action against the Pechanga Band of LuiseƱo Indians to cover the costs the tribe's casino incurs on the city.

An item on Tuesday's City Council agenda would direct the city attorney to go to court to get the tribe to pay for the effect Pechanga Resort & Casino has on traffic and city services.

"Given the failure of the Tribe and the County to reach agreement and the consequent failure of the (agreement) to become effective, the City has no alternative but to file litigation to protect its rights ...," a city staff report read.

A lawsuit is a good idea. This will show the city of Temecula how difficult it is to sue for what is right. But, on the good side, it will force Pechanga to defend in court it right to violate agreements with impugnity.

If the agreements with the county, the city and the tribe are interdependent, why didn't Pechanga WAIT until the agreement was in place before they placed the additional slot machines?

Shouldn't the city of Temecula now cancel any planned meetings and events at Pechanga? Shouldn't they advise all city employees to stay away from the casino? Remember, Pechanga has violated the civil rights of many of its members, and made them "former" members via termination, banishment and disenrollment. If you thing AZ's law is a potential civil rights violation waiting to happen, well Temecula citizens, it HAS happened in your OWN BACKYARD. BOYCOTT Pechanga for ACTUAL civil rights violations.
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