Monday, August 30, 2010

Pechanga asks Judge to End Liska Case; Judge Says Not Through Yet

Joe Liska received good news in court today. The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians hired attorney's tried to get the Judge to toss the case today.

The tribe had told the judge that Mr. Liska was guilty of trespass. It was news to Joe, as he never had a trial, never presented a defense. Anyone hear of due process?

There seems to be reckless conduct in Pechanga's handling of this matter. Not to mention the possible conspiracy to defraud Mr. Liska of his tribal heritage. The Judge couldn't believe that there has been a moratorium for 14 years, which was designed to help the tribe "catch up" on a backlog of requests.

The judge want to lean more and the case is continued. She will have orders next week. Congratulations Joe, keep up your fight for what is right. Let's see, maybe the Boy Scouts will rethink giving Pechanga an award for ethics and family values?

And Rep. Nick Rahall, how about those hearings?
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