Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Which Group of Federally Recognized Indians Is One of The Largest in California? Disenrolled and Moratorium Bound People

Yes, IF tribes like Picayune, Pechanga and Redding keep on the way they have been, there will be MORE EX-Tribal Members than tribal members.

Why are they NOT represented at President Barack Obama's Listening Sessions? Where is the EQUAL Protection for this group of Native Americans?

UPDATE: Commenter JAG fills in some of the blanks for you all and I think it's important to promote it on this post:

Thousands of men, women, children, and elders make up the fastest growing California Indian Group since the turn of the century. (JAG means the 21st Century)

The growth of Indian gaming has spawned a movement among California Indian leaders to reduce or limit the number of California Indians who benefit from Indian gaming. (In Pechanga's case, it includes and unconstitutional moratorium, in ADDITION to disenrollments)

Whether it be Pechanga and San Pasqual in the Southern part of the State; Redding, Robinson, and Enterprise Rancherias in the North; or Chukchansi in the Central Valley, leaders at these and other Tribes have violated the basic human and civil rights of thousands.

Such violations include the denial of due process and equal protection of tribal and federal laws; denial of participation in the political process; and denial of basic services afforded other tribal members.

Indeed, the violations have gone as far as to require the desecration of Indian burials and re-classification of tribal citizens to 2nd class status.

There is no end in sight, not as long as tribal leaders are allowed to invoke tribal sovereignty to protect themselves from being prosecuted for their crimes. Even though it is quite clear that laws have been broken and crimes committed, there is no means by which to address such actions.

While California's tribal leaders continue to reduce and limit their member numbers, California's newest class of Indians will continue to grow.

Where our ancestors once endured a century of dishonor at the hands of numerous "foreign" governments, thousands of California Indians find themselves in a time where the dishonor and destruction have been brought forth by their own leaders- men and women who do not have more blood or greater ancestral ties (in fact, some leaders come from families adopted into the tribes) than those they have oppressed.
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