Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Over 100 Tosobol Family Members Left Out Of Pechanga Tribe's Unconstitutional Moratorium

It's well known in California that the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians has terminated over 25% of their tribal members in two massive eliminations. Coincidentally, each family was removed just prior to tribal elections.

What many people still are unclear about, is Pechanga's so-called moratorium on membership. This was put into place under the premise that the enrollment committee had to "catch-up" on all the membership claims. Of course, that was a ruse to simply keep rightful members from joining the Band as per the Tribal Constitution. Pechanga's Chairman Mark Macarro has claimed it's "not about the money". Pechanga's per capita payments were $10,000 per month when the first family, descendents of Pablo Apis were erased from the tribe. When the Hunter Family was disenrolled, (a term created to make it sound like Indians were kicked out of the PTA or country club) the per capita was $20,000 per month. Now, the tribe is giving $30,000 per month to those remaining. Raise your hand if you think it "wasn't about the money".

Here is the story of one family, that we've profiled before. We've been asking them to contribute to this blog with more information and they've finally opened up.

This is the Tosobol story, as told by Michael Rios:

First, let me start off by stating that our lineage has never been broken.

We start back to 1784 with my 5th great grandmother her name was Andrea Parable Tosbol. Then came Petra Tosbol Thujillo. then came Ysabel Munoa Thujillo then came Camilla Munoa Aguirre then came Ysabel Aguirre Rios.
There are three familys that came from Camilla Munoa Aguirre they are as follows Rios family, Aguirre family , Ursua family .

Then comes me I am the son of Manuel Rios his mother was Isabel Aguirre Rios my grandmother. She had two sons my dad and my uncle Mike Rios and his. family well that is as far back as I can go.

I am now going to share with all about how many in our families

Rios family - 44
Aguirre family - 33
Ursua family - 24

TOTAL - 101


Thank you

Now readers, you have before you what is an injustice. This family is related to the Munoa Family, John Munoa is the patriarch, who, none of us can recall EVER stood up before the membership and said, "MY FAMILY IS INCOMPLETE! I have family that MUST BE ENROLLED!" We could be wrong and I will correct the record if the Munoa clan can provide the details. The Pechanga Constitution calls for OPEN enrollment every January. The tribal council led by Mark Macarro, said the tribe can rule on membership to keep people OUT via the moratorium, and yet, when the tribe voted to halt ALL DISENROLLMENTS, including the Hunter family, the council said the tribe could NOT rule on membership matters. Think it's a conspiracy now? The tribe can vote to keep people OUT, but not to keep people IN?
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