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Trump's Recognition and Nooksack Tribe's VICTORY Still Leaves Them A Banana Republic has the complete story here and we have links to the history and disenrollment issues here:

Disenrollment is paper Genocide

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CA Tribal Cleansing
TRIBAL TERRORISM includes Banishment
Nooksack Disenrollment

The Nooksack Tribe is claiming victory in a long-running disenrollment dispute after a federal judge dismissed a novel lawsuit filed by a group of ousted citizens.

The tribe, based in Washington state, has spent more than five years trying to kick hundreds of people off its rolls. The efforts were slowed by litigation and by the refusal of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to recognize the Nooksack government as legitimate.

But the tribe has turned the situation around, according to its recently-elected leader. Chairman Ross Cline said the dismissal of the lawsuit last week puts an end to a controversy that has attracted widespread attention in Indian Country and in the national media.

“On behalf of the tribal council and the Nooksack people, I am glad to report the successful conclusion of this dispute over tribal enrollment," Cline said after the decision was handed down on July 31. "Our people will now move forward on our journey of self-government.”

The tribe is indeed moving forward, just without a group known as The Nooksack 306. That name comes from the large number of people who were subjected to "involuntary disenrollment" earlier this year, after being threatened with removals for the better part of a decade.
Though an appeal of the new court decision is likely, those already ousted from the tribe have little recourse at this point. Despite the Trump administration's recognition of Chairman Cline and the rest of the Nooksack leadership, they contend they have been denied justice by an "illegitimate" government.
"The fact remains that the Nooksack tribal council and tribal court are illegitimate -- and everyone knows it," said Michelle Roberts, a spokesperson for The Nooksack 306.
"We will not stop fighting. We are not going anywhere. We will stay right where we belong," Roberts said.

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