Monday, February 20, 2023

Native Culture INCLUDES Fighting FOR OUR Tribal Identity and Against The Corruption That Eliminates our Ancestors

Emilio Reyes

Our friend Emilio Reyes, who had fought for years against the injustices of tribal disenrollment, lack of federal recognition and recently winning his legal battles against those who defamed him, had this thought recently on his Facebook page:

Everyone loves the Native who talks about tribal culture. But nobody loves the Native who talks about tribal identity, tribal disenrollment, tribal corruption, blood quantum, digging up the ancestors, Indian gaming, injustice or oppression.

Emilio's thought highlights a common phenomenon in which society tends to romanticize and exoticize certain aspects of Native American culture while ignoring or downplaying the very real and often difficult issues that Native Americans face today.

While it may be easier for some people to appreciate and enjoy aspects of Native American culture that seem distant and disconnected from contemporary issues, it is important to recognize that these issues continue to impact Native American communities in significant ways. Discussions about tribal identity, disenrollment, and corruption, for example, are often critical to understanding the complexities of Native American governance and the challenges that many tribes place themselves in navigating modern legal and political systems.

Issues related to blood quantum, ancestral remains, and Indian gaming are often deeply intertwined with questions of identity, sovereignty, and economic development, and can have far-reaching implications for the lives and wellbeing of Native American people. ALL NATIVE people.  

If we truly want to support and celebrate Native American culture, we must be willing to engage with the difficult and often uncomfortable realities that accompany it.  Those realities include the fact that some tribal leaders are corrupt, some tribes violate their own people's rights, and do it under the non caring eyes of the Federal Government.  This also means listening to and amplifying the voices of Native people who are fighting for their rights, advocating for change, and working to preserve their traditions and heritage in the face of ongoing oppression and injustice.

Stay in the fight!   We MUST persist: Change can be slow and difficult, and setbacks are common. Stay committed to the message and our goals, and continue to advocate for change even in the face of adversity. Remember that speaking truth to power is an ongoing process, and progress often requires sustained effort over time.  

ONE and DONE won't cut it.



Thunderbird said...

I hear your War Whoop loud and clear.Soon Ateoff Shitler aka Mark Macarro child and elder abuser will hear all of us!!!

Anonymous said...

To all the Tribal Councils who DISENROLL under the guise of Self Determination or what ever justification you came up with in your small brains, how can you do this to your own people?
How do you go home to your family, knowing you have destroyed and stripped someone of their identity, their community, their right to belong?
How are you following your Grand Fathers Teachings? Love, honor, respect, honesty….
How do you even live with yourself?
Your devastation goes beyond Tribal affiliation it also affects Federal rights, yet you strip it all away, EVERYTHING!!

My family has endured many loses, we have lost many loved ones since our Disenrollment. Elders who sacrificed, endured hardships way beyond our comprehension, fought for America yet fight for the right to be seen and heard by America. So many rights denied and now to be DISENROLLED!

This is my question to the Native Americans in the public eye, what do you stand for? Are you acting the part of being a Native American or are you being a Native American?
Say it and speak it ! Be who you are and stand up against the injustices that are happening in Native American communities!


Webster’s Dictionary said...

Mark Macarro: Old Indian word that means PIECES OF SHIT!

D.N.R. said...

The Mafia has the Police bought and paid for. What I ask is there any good Police out there that will speak up against these injustices.Remember a injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!

Kamala said...

I plead the fifth amendment!

Gavin Newson said...

I can’t think hair jell has gotten in to my brain! I’ll just take a fifth of whiskey!

Anonymous said...

We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. We need to fight and stand strong together. Those ancestors that were oppressed are now the ancestors of the oppressors. There own people. Those who fear standing up for what’s right need to be supportive in the background whether it’s writing letters, sponsoring legal bills, tell others the truth it matters. Use your power to vote to make change.

Wise old Indian said...

Follow the trail of money. There you will find your answers.

Anonymous said...

Never Never Never Give Up!!!!