Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Why YOU Should Care About the Theft of Tribal Heritage and the Crimes Against Indian People and the Results of Tribal Disenrollment

Here’s why you should care about Native American Tribal Disenrollment 

Disenrollment Chieftains, are the people who run (more properly RUIN) our culture and teach our kids tribal values. They shape the next generation’s attitudes.  They teach our native children that it's OKAY to get rid of their classmates, someone else's aunty, or grandmother.

If one persons rights are violated, any persons rights are violated. How many of our people does it does it have happen to be wrong?

Five? 50?  100?    Starting to sound bad, right?

In the case of tribal disenrollment, it's over 10,000 who have been harmed.  And that's JUST the LIVING.  Our ancestors, whom most every tribe has used in one way or another (early tribal population, land for casino, federal monies) were once proudly used to support the tribe's quest for advancement.

Tribes promised to take care of their people if voters approved gaming. Disenrollments, Banishments, Moratoriums and levels of membership fly in the face of that promise to make the lives of all Indians better.

Those tribes also threaten tribal self-governance, giving Indian sovereignty skeptics good reason to believe that tribal governments cannot properly handle membership without outside involvement.

·        It's simply wrong. Sovereignty has become a smokescreen for illegitimate, sometimes unlawful, and certainly abusive behavior

·        Shouldn't a Tribal Casino customer think: If Tribes will cheat their own people, won't they cheat me?

Disenrollment untethers a tribal member from his or her ancestral connections. Members are cut off from their cultural identities, religious ceremonies, activities, politics, burials, education and customs. He or she no longer belong to the tribe they were born into. This is the most basic form of isolation and separation  imaginable. It is a life time sentence of imprisonment.

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Anonymous said...

They’re still Killing us off.Just more slowly now !

Lil Rocket Man said...

First the wolves take over the land.Then the wolves eat all the animals.Then the wolves kill each other!