Friday, February 3, 2023

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Black Natives ALSO Eliminated By Disenrollment. MEET Redding Rancheria Disenrolled

 As we celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH, and recently celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Day we wanted to highlight that many tribes have also eliminated their Black citizens.  

Remember that when you see press releases from tribal nations in support of Black History Month this month.   HERE, from Redding Rancheria



The 3 pictured above  are Earnest, Savion and Jodeah Wilson.

They are Bob Foreman's great grandchildren and Virginia Timmons great great great grandchildren. They are trust land shareholders on the Foreman's piece of land on the reservation.  They have NO voting rights.

Getting their rights back, would go a long way towards showing other tribes there is a path back to righteousness.   DO RIGHT, Chairman Potter and CEO Tracey Edwards

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