Friday, February 24, 2023

Nooksack 306 Elder 86 Year Old Olive Oshiro to be CAST OUT of her HOME by March 10

 The Nooksack Tribe of Washington State has NO HONOR.  DO NOT RESPECT what they do.  Sovereign right to abuse, does not make the abuse right.  I have 50 posts on the Nooksack 306   The crickets from Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell are deafening.

Nooksack Officer
Walked into home without  permission

Olive Oshiro

86 year-old Elder Olive Oshiro peers into the latest tribal court eviction hearing. By March 10, she will get an eviction writ, amid looming tribal political threats of "forced eviction" and "blood in the streets."  

Attorney Gabriel Galanda asks: Will the federal Trustee or state housing fiduciary intercede? Are there any Indigenous human rights in Indian Country?

A society that cast out its elders would be one that does not respect and honor its older members, as evidenced here and is not worthy of our respect nor our Federal monies.


Anonymous said...

So if the US government was doing this how would Fawn Sharp, NCAI, BIA and Deb Halaand act?

D.N.R. said...

DAMN NEAR RUSSIA!!! Nothing but a bunch commies and US Gastapo.So proud to be a American.Makes me feel like singing.God Bless the USA.

Fat Ass Rosemary said...

Celebratory donut party Fri. March 10 at my house We sure did open a can of whoop ass on them old people! BYOD !