Thursday, August 12, 2021

Human Rights Abusing Redding Rancheria Works To Change Redding City Councils Minds on BIGGER CASINO

Looks like the Redding Rancheria, the tribe well known for abusing the civil and human rights its then members of the Foreman family, want Redding City Council to change it's opposition to a BIGGER CASINO.

Should a tribe that cheated  over 10 percent of their tribe, be trusted? If they cheat their own, won't they cheat the people of Redding?

The Redding City Council opposed the tribe's Strawberry Fields development plan and the tribe that runs the Win River Casino, sued.
The tribe's land into trust action would cost the city and it's citizen's tax money and local businesses income.  The tribe would then also be exempt from local business regulation as it become tribal land.
Of course, it a tribe doesn't care about it's own people, why would they care about the citizens of Redding?

Shasta county supervisor had also sent in opposition to the plan., The tribe's plan has been on hold for months.

Residents are concerned about the increase in traffic and gaming from the proposed new 250 room casino hotel. 

The tribe does have it's supporters including Redding Council member Mark Mezzano, who has benefitted from the tribe's political donations.  (Not that that means anything right?)

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