Tuesday, August 24, 2021

OPEN LETTER TO MAXINE WATERS From Redding Rancheria Disenrolled Asking to Withhold FUNDING from Disenrolling Tribes

Asking Chairwoman Waters of the House Financial Services Committee NOT to Ignore the damage done by disenrolling tribes.    

Adapt it to your situation and tribe then USE THIS WHISTLEBLOWER FORM  which gets sent to staff.

Good Afternoon Chairwoman Waters & Committee Members

Throughout The United States, over 90 Native American Tribes, most commonly those with Casinos, have Violated their Respective Constitutions, Treaties, Obligations to Protect their Citizens & their Rights Declared in their Constitutions, The Indian Civil Rights Act & Article 9 of The UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples through Disenrollment, A corrupt Practice in which Tribal Leaders orchestrate Conspiracies to Disenroll Members, specifically Elders, to reduce their Membership to consolidate Money & Politcal Power.

My Grandfather was one of Thousands of these Elders. Despite providing Indisputable evidence proving His Heritage, including a Letter of Support from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, my Grandfather's Rights were ignored & Banished from the Tribe he dedicated his life to. Like Other Tribes, Redding Rancheria Leadership declared it wasn't about Money.

I humbly ask that the Committee investigate this matter & withhold ALL funding to These Tribes. 

If Disenrollment is NOT about Money, than these Tribes should have no problem using their Revenue & increased Per Capita to fund their Tribes, Programs & Projects

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Anonymous said...

Yes cut their funding because the tribal members never profit from the grants anyway
because the corrupt leaders never inform the members when grand are available for certain things they put the grant money else where or they deposit it in a general funds account and they get away with it.