Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Pechanga Tribe Banishes Tosobol Descendant Landowners for TRESPASSING on their OWN LAND

REMEMBER this treatment of the RIOS/TOSOBOL family, stuck in the decades old moratorium, purportedly created to give the enrollment committee a chance to get through all the applications.  Did I say decades?  Yes, I DID. They were kicked off the reservation, where they are land owners for PICKING SAGE...

It's amazing what Pechanga chooses to BANISH tribal descendents for. It's WELL KNOWN that they have a child molestor in their midst as well as many of the Masiel Crime family with violent offenses that bring police to the reservation.

And AMAZINGLY, they banish members of the Tosobol family, which HAS LAND ON THE RESERVATION and BLOOD RELATIVES living there for: wait for it...


Those dastardly villains who come onto the reservation, TELLING the security guards WHAT THEY are doing there, then get detained, searched and now face LIFE EXCLUSION for merely being on the land they OWN?

Ask yourselves, readers, WHAT is the larger crime, child molestation or sage picking? Destruction of a childhood or a plant that grows in abudance? What is the Pechanga Tribal Rangers definition of UNDESIRABLE?          Please check the links above

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if that baby sitter is still locked up in jail, aka Vincent Ibanez.
Or has he been released and started a new daycare some place in Riverside county.