Thursday, April 11, 2019


You 'member, we wrote about it in August 2016 where Pechanga donated MORE than the allowable 100K for a DNC BUILDING FUND?  Wonder if they reported what got built with the more than allowable funds?  Did Pechanga get a PLAQUE saying thank you for Mark Macarro, whose wife HOLLY COOK MACARRO was on HRC's short list of Native American Advisors??

Listverse says:
On May 19, Justin Klein of emailed Jordan Kaplan, national finance director of the DNC. Klein had a check for $144,100 from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians. He told Kaplan, “please note the first $100,200 should be allocated to the convention fund, while the remaining $43,900 should be allocated to the building fund.”
According to FEC (Federal Election Commission) rules, $100,200 is the campaign contribution limit for nonmulticandidate PACs in a single year. The email suggests Klein, on behalf of, may have been trying to circumvent that limit. If true, it would constitute an offense

UPDATE:  SOURCES say...NO vote on this expenditure before the General Council.

Tribal contributions discussed in the emails below:

I wrote a letter to both JUSTIN and JORDAN, here's part of it
Dear Jordan and Justin,

We saw with dismay how easily the DNC and Hillary Clinton take money from a Tribe that practices APARTHEID on it's reservation, and is well known for violating the rights of it's people.  

I wrote to Howard Dean prior to the 2008 convention about Pechanga chairman Mark Macarro's inclusion on the platform committee.  Apparently, if you have money, there's a blind eye turned....  

I'll print a response.....

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