Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Tribal Disenrollment: Indian Termination by Indians WHO is Still Fighting For their Rights?

That's RIGHT. Indian Termination BY Indians, watched from the sidelines by BIA, NARF, NCAI, NIGC, Senate Indian Committee, The House.... 

Yes, dear friends and readers. Many Native American Tribes such as: The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, The Redding Rancheria, The Picayune (Chukchansi) Rancheria,Nooksack, PALA have all DESTROYED Indian families, including the elders that have made their tribes successful. And ruined the futures of the children.  WHO STILL FIGHTS FOR THEM?

Tribes like the Cherokee and Creek have violated treaties that their vaunted elders agreed to almost two centuries ago with the Cherokee Freedmen being restored after DECADES of struggle.

We must understand that we can only fight with the weapons that are available to us: TIME, ENERGY, WILLPOWER and ALLIES. We know tribes have casino dollars to spend on politicians. We know for a fact that most of us don't have those kind of funds to fight back. And we know these fights aren't won instantly. Continued pressure will work, while a once a year event has impact for a day or two, we must show our strength and willingness to fight for our rights on a regular basis. 

We can use our TIME to: send emails, letters, even faxes to our representatives reminding them of the injustices we face. As has been said, THEY HAVE THE WATCHES, we have the TIME.  How can we expect politicians to expend political capital on those who don't fight for themselves?

Energy to get involved, either with a small donation, sharing articles and websites via twitter (@opechanga)  and Facebook and commenting on posts you read. And we must use the social networking skills of our young to help us.
Willpower to STAY with it. Our ancestors struggled much more than we do now. We can build traffic on sites like this to show the politicians that this IS important to many of us.

Using our ALLIES to marshal our forces. We support all disenrolled here, we need their help with our fights including boycotts and sharing information.   

I asked Allen Mitchell, back in the day,  who is a Creek Freedman, how many Creek Freedmen were in his predicament and he came up with a number of 14,000 or so. THINK about what would happen if you got all of the Freedmen to hit this site and the Creek Freedmen site ONCE per day? TRAFFIC! And it would show how serious you are. How can their 10-50 foot soldiers carry 15,000 on their backs?

We ALL have responsibilities that keep us from donating our time 24/7 BUT we ALL can spare 3 minutes a day.

Believe me, I address this issue with my own family, the Hunters, of Pechanga, who were disenrolled 13 years ago. In fact, THIS BLOG is still visited 2-3  times a day from the Pechanga tribes, if my own family would do the same, my blog would take off even better than it has, surpassing in the rankings of websites.   

Many people get disillusioned easily and that's what the Nooksack, Pala, The Pechanga Band, and many others who have violated their people's rights are COUNTING ON. Don't let them win without fighting! We KNOW that Pechanga had to spend 50 MILLION DOLLARS more than the other three tribes to support their Prop. 94 here in California to get expanded gaming. They KNOW they don't have the best public reputation.

We need to keep REMINDING our politicians that they have LIED to the people, violated their own constitution and REMIND their customers that if they will CHEAT their OWN PEOPLE, they will cheat THEM.

Keep visiting our sites, you can help us make a difference and help YOURSELVES too.

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marilyn said...

Those fighting illegal tribal disenrollment must use the tools we have available. If you want to fight against disenrollment, don't support the gambling, racing, hotel or other money making establishments of tribes who kick out their own people to increase their own per capita payments from lawsuits or casinos, or who disenroll to silence dissenters or punish persons who vote for different factions of tribal leaders. These disenrollment issues need to brought to the attention of lawmakers time and time again, and raised in public forums such as town hall meetings. Trips to Washington DC to meet with lawmakers are expensive but necessary - if its not a priority to the people disenrolled, it wont be a priority for US congressmen and senators. I salute the courageous lawyers such as Jon Velie, Gabe Galanda, and Dennis Chappabitty who have taken powerful tribal nations and or their leadership to court on disenrollment issues. Houses divided cannot stand. We must continue to fight the battle against disenrollment - and encourage the media to shine the bright light on these crimes against humanity