John Dossett
Photo from: NCAI
In an earlier post, we were hoping that the NCAI will FINALLY stand up for the over 10,000 disenrolled in Indian Country today.  But, if they take so long to stand up for THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES in the #MeToo era, can we REALLY expect them to do anything? 
(h/t to Johnnie Jae for pointing me here)

You're a pretty young Native woman, beware
Women come forward at National Congress of American Indians
An Investigation by Kevin Abourezk and Acee Agoyo

The highest-ranking attorney at the National Congress of American Indians has been reassigned in the wake of sexual harassment allegations, an investigation by Indianz.Com has found.
John Dossett has been employed by the nation’s oldest and largest inter-tribal organization since 1995. And up until last month, he was serving as general counsel, NCAI’s senior-most legal position and one with widespread influence in Indian Country, from policy matters in the executive branch and legislation on Capitol Hill to high-profile U.S. Supreme Court cases.

But as Dossett was working on issues like the Tribal Law and Order Act and the Violence Against Women Act, he was being accused of harassing, intimidating and pressuring female employees at NCAI, according to documents obtained by Indianz.Com and interviews with multiple sources. Following an internal review — one that was conducted by a Washington, D.C., attorney who has focused on the #MeToo movement and its impact in the workplace — his title was changed to “senior counsel,” a different role within the organization, though in the same legal area.

Yet Dossett, a married father of two whose main residence is in the state of Oregon, remains employed at the organization.

READ the rest of the story at  it's enlightening,but here's a MONEY quote:

“Committed staff does not lightly leave an organization they love and a mission they are passionate about fulfilling,” Hallingstad, a citizen of the Tlingit and Haida Tribes, wrote in a letter to tribal leaders who serve on NCAI’s leadership board. “But when they see colleagues marginalized, disciplined, punished, and even terminated for trying to address issues of poor management – or bad actors not held to account for disrespectful behavior – and the oppressive culture of silence and lack of authentic process means they cannot speak with their voices, then they will speak with their feet.”


Sacramento tells all said...

how about the Chairman down in Pala Ca., he rapes, murders and abuses the Tribal Members and no one in the U.S,Government will do anything about it, so is it okay to Rape, murder and abuse because you are a Chairman of a Tribe and it occurs on Tribal Land.

Anonymous said...

True and he can not say that he didn't because someone took a swab for DNA and had it tested and it is his DNA.
And DNA doesn't mean the Daddy is Native American in this case because the only title his daddy had was "DRUNK".

Anonymous said...

that little fat chairman in Pala should have been locked up in prison a long time ago, but he keeps right on buying his way out by using the Tribal Casino as his personal saving account.
Using Tribal funds like toilet paper to wipe away all of his personal shit.
And no one is more blame than the Tribal Members that are keeping him and Nieto in charge of the finances of the Tribe.
So when your Casino gets closed down don't come around crying because you could have put a stop to it a long time ago.
You can not say that you were not warned because the writing has been on the wall for a long time but you act like you didn't see it.
Bullshit you just ignored it and now guess who will lose.
Not smith or Nieto because they have made sure that they have enough investments done with your money to live a good life for many years.

Anonymous said...

No blood of the band speaks louder than real blood of the band does.
Stand up for your people and stop waiting for outside help or you will be on the outside looking in and wondering what happened.