Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Indian Affairs Committee MUST know of Pechanga's Attempt to STEAL WATER from ALLOTTEES.

We wrote three years ago about Pechanga losing it's opportunity to get their water bill passed because of their lies to Congress about how many allottees were affected.  There are over 175 Temecula Indians who have claim to allotted lands on the Pechanga Indian Reservation.   

We have rights to any water that comes to reservation land.  With this latest attempt, Pechanga is looking to redefine what an allottee is.  Here is a letter that can be sent to the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

Send an email with this letter to with the option to fax the majority fax (202) 228-2589 and the Minority (202) 224-5429

To the Indian Affairs Committee. Maria Cantwell, Tim Tester, Jon Tester, Tom Udall, Al Franken, Mark Begich, Brian Schatz, Heidi Heitkamp, John Barrasso, John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, John Hoeven, Michael Crapo, Deb Fischer. 

I’m writing to you as a concern citizen on the blatant disregard for civil rights that the senate and congress is to uphold.

The water bills S1219 and  HR 2508  that was killed last year because of the disenrolled native Americans that are still allottees and it violates their rights as allottees granted protection by the president and congress. These families are original allottees that have the original deeds signed by President McKinley these deeds were made to start the reservation not the other way around.

These bills were killed last year now rewritten bills S1219 and HR 2508 Under SEC. 3. DEFINITIONS.(4) ALLOTTEE- The term ‘allottee’ means a member of a federally recognized Indian tribe who holds a beneficial real property interest in an Indian allotment that is--Permalink(A) located within the Reservation; and Permalink(B) held in trust by the United States.

 This section was written to purposely take their allottees status away condoning the illegal and civil violation that has taken place on the Pechanga Indian Reservation. Their disenrollment was done illegally by the tribe's own constitution and bylaws thereby illegally stripping them of their federal status. Their allotment is in the middle of the reservation this meets criteria A. their allotment is in trust and can be verified by the B.I.A. also meeting criteria B.

Under SEC. 3. DEFINITIONS.(5) band.(A) In general.—the term ‘’Band’’ means the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, a federally recognized sovereign Indian tribe that functions as a custom and tradition Indian tribe, acting on behalf of itself and its members. (B) Exclusion.—the term “Band” does not include an individual member of the band acting in the capacity of an allottee. (A) States members since the disenrolled are not because the Band went against their customs and traditions to disenroll them the band does not have the right to represent them. (B) If an individual member can’t act in capacity of an allottee then the band can’t act in behalf of a federal recognized allottee that has been illegally disenrolled.

This bill needs to be killed or amended to protect allottees federal rights stated per:

Tribal enactments disenrolling allottees not found to meet the established enrollment criteria. The commissioner’s approval of such action shall be subject to appeal to the Secretary or the Interior.

The commissioner shall forward to the secretary with a recommendation, ordinance, resolution or contract with a treaty or with Tribal Constitution and membership criteria set by the tribe or charter, under which the ordinance, resolution or contract was adopted, enacted or negotiated or should be disapproved or rescinded for any other reason. Notwithstanding the commissioner shall not redelegate the authority granted in this paragraph to any officer or employee who pursuant to a tribe constitution or charter passes upon ordinance, resolution or contracts.

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