Thursday, July 20, 2017

Pechanga's John Macarro: Disgraced Diminutive Darling Dodged Disenrollment Attempts. Time to Re-Visit?

Who'd think one little guy could have enabled so much harm to so many, with the protection of his Chairman brother?

First, the Manuela Miranda descendants, the Tosobol descendants held in moratorium purgatory, then the Hunter's who were proven Pechanga by the tribe's own hired expert.

HUNDRED's of Pechanga Indians harmed by a corrupt council and John MACARRO, Pechanga's legal council...who STILL hasn't passed the BAR here?

WHY isn't HE out of the tribe for harming the tribe, tribal members and Indian Country?

Remember we wrote about how John's brother lied to Congress and how JM EXPLAINED the move?

Remember how he apologized for harming the tribe?  Even brother had to recuse from that mess.

HARMING the TRIBE, seems to be a BETTER FIT for Disenrollment, than others who may disagree politically, and who MAY want to see where all the expense money is being spent.

Is it past time to eliminate the CRIMINAL ELEMENT and bring back the rightful Pechanga Indians?  CLEAN house, DO the right thing by the rightful Indians, and find a way to prosper...


White Buffalo said...

It is very disappointing, yet I feel all current tribal members who knew and did nothing are just as bad as John and Marc. I feel that it is not the Indian way to just stand by and let something happen because of fear of reprisal or worse being in agreement with the corrupt. It is and was about self enrichment. There is no denying that those left did benefit and are still benefiting. Very sad, our ancestors would be ashamed of the people.

WeRone said...

The TRUTH will always shine through. When the TRUTH is found and shared there will be questions asked and the TRUE behavior of some will be under crystal lights. Taking others rights, ignoring the truth, even federal recorded depositions from our elders during the reservations creation, acting like you have more rights that the creators children, shameful actions continue because some believe it's ok? Tick Tock the clock keeps ticking. Each individual has a chance in this life, honor or ignore the TRUTH and share it. The choice is is yours. How would you feel if someone decided you have the same rights as ALL but we can take them away?

smokeybear1621 said...

Its about time Marc stept down