Sunday, July 16, 2017


I've sent so many emails with links to my blog posts on their, slow, inadequate obfuscatory actions in response to their handling of FOIA request, I'm getting reply emails with some interesting factoids that are worth printing and reading:

From reader Miss C


Under the freedom of information Act there are 9 exemptions under this act which are,

classified information for national defense or foreign policy
internal personnel rules and practices
information that is exempt under other laws
trade secrets and confidential business information
inter-agency or intra-agency memoranda or letters that are protected by legal privileges
personnel and medical files
law enforcement records or information
information concerning bank supervision
geological and geophysical information.

Now how many of those actually apply to tribal records that the BIA holds? Should there be any exemptions to personal documents to tribal people? Why has it taken almost a year to fulfill one request? Be accountable to the people who are the reason many of you are employed.

From reader NativeAsterisk:

There is suggestion that the Pacific Regional Director is witholding FOIA requests that is in direct correlation to her own familial relationships to each of these tribes, specifically to San Pasqual.

Hopland Tribal disenrolled is still waiting on a $2700+ paid in full FOIA request. Most of the 60 pages released have been redacted.

There is corruption on Hopland lands that BIA has turned a blind eye to. The pot farm on lands that are being withheld from tribe members. Unconstitutional use of other land assignments. The realty company that is supposed to be in trust that is used to distribute lands for drug manufacturing, including cannbis oil production. Sheriff Allman is all too aware of what is going on up there. He collected payment of his harvest last year. As soon as his crew left, hopland tribe planted twice as much.

Wanda Balderama has a meth lab behind a wall in her garage, and her sister next door to her sells the merch out of her bedroom closet. Check out how many drug addicts and child molesters there are being harbored on their lands.

Joseph San Diego uses Wilma Elliott's state notary powers to buy new vehicles without paying the taxes on each. Joseph San Diego also enjoys full housing subsidies from Northern Circle Indian Housing Authority, because his good friend Brian Yepez is on the housing board.

Iyesha Miller's mother Wanda Balderama and buddy Beverly Rodriguez were both caught red handed emptying out children's trust funds. The issue went to court amd both Wanda Balderama and Beverly Rodriguez were removed from tribal council and banned from any positions of power for 10 years. However, Iyesha Miller, who since had become chairwoman, elected her mother to be election committee chairwoman. As soon as that move happened, 74 members of Hopland were removed.

And Amy Dutschke...
Amy, all them drunkin' nights with heads of tribal governments and the gossip shared between all of them drinks in between... Big drinker, that one there... big drinker.

Dear Amy and DOJ:

We're writing a book about the failure of BIA Regional Director, AMY DUTSHKE and the inaction this federal agency takes to protect real California Native Americans.

DOJ, when will you investigate?
Congress, when will you step in?
Indian Affairs, when will you offer hearings?

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Anonymous said...

Wanda Balderama has a meth lab behind a wall in her garage? and her sister next door to her sells the merch out of her bedroom closet?. and child they are molesters? Wow!. These people need to be exposed very seriously "Really Those -offenses are very grave. How disgusting of them to do such crap. Wow...This is a case that the feds need to investigate.