Wednesday, December 7, 2016

When A Wannabe Cherokee's Collaborator Gets...BUTTHURT

A comical exchange today on Facebook between my friend, Cherokee genealogist David Cornsilk and a young college journalist. She asked David to speak on a topic that he's extremely qualified for.   Shortly thereafter he gets a message:

Hi David, I find myself in an immensely uncomfortable situation. This is so going to sound soooo completely random, but, it seems you have had a serious conflict with a member of my PhD dissertation committee, Dr. Jace Weaver.* I have not been privy to any details. Please do not feel inclined to defend yourself or express your side. I do not wish to know anything about what has happened, but since he is my mentor, I need to handle this especially gracefully. (OP: Do not piss off the Wannabe who's gonna grade me?)

Having done a little background research, I read that your daughter has obtained a law degree and has experience in human rights. Would it be too much to ask that we might divert the request for commentary to her? I'm extremely sorry for this most unexpected development. 

Kind Regards, Courtney

David, always ready with a reply, did:

I  haven't had any conflict with him, YET. I just keep pointing out he's an ethnic fraud and liar. He keeps avoiding the issue.  (OP:  LOL, no conflict there!)
The fact that he is poisoning Indian country, including silencing my voice, however unintentionally, through you only steels my resolve to expose him for the phony he is.
Your own weakness does not bode well for your career. Ya sure you'll probably go far. But I hope you ALWAYS remember this moment you let a wannabe silence a real indigenous voice.
I won't be suggesting my daughter do anything for you. She has too much integrity for such BS.
Take care

BOOM! The kid strikes back:

Please consider doing your own research on Dr. Jace Weaver. Someone -- not naming any names -- is a little drunk on haterade and his vision is hazy.  (OP: That doesn't even leave a mark)

From the comments:

....If he can lie about his very identity for personal gain, how can anything else he has done be trusted?

Wannabes like Jace Weaver are a threat to indigenous identity and tribal sovereignty.

You put your own personal relationship with Jace Weaver, and desire to have your dissertation accepted, above journalistic integrity. It's not too late to keep your integrity intact. Do the right thing.

Courtney responds:

Yes....I decided to not collaborate with you out of respect for someone I respect, who's reputation you have baselessly attacked. It's on me. All me. Your behavior -- with the public post -- has shown me all I need to know about you. It has nothing to do with Dr. Jace Weaver. But have fun making this entire situation about you. You need counseling  (OP:  Is psychology her minor, or maybe a double major?)   Then, she quit responding, because backing up her assertions would melt the snowflake?

Lot's of comedy there by a young, perhaps starstruck student..who has "skimmed" the material, but hasn't made a deep dive.  Read this from David:
Clearing up Misconception on Cherokee Identification

As was said.....there's a cream for that butthurt...

*Weaver had claimed Cherokee identity, but stopped when confronted with the fact...that he was not on the rolls, thus not a member


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