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Thursday, December 1, 2016


A stern letter from Indian Health has NOT stopped the denial of health care to Native Americans being disenrolled by an invalid Nooksack Tribal Council.

HERE is an example of what that healthcare loss can mean.

We need field hearings by the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.  Here's  a link to a letter to send to Chairman John Barrasso.

The BIA has refused to recognize the current council but they haven't put a stop to them running the tribe.

This is bordering on the CRIMINAL.   SPEAK OUT...write YOUR representative..



~This really saddens my heart. "Elders are the " Pilar's of all tribes.."We must take Very Good Care of them and there needs.."I recommended all day.. not too put your trust on Any "Mundane Physician who is not " Holistic "...unless you want an Early death.."If these Health care practioners or Mundane Doctors.. Do not want too See you, for the fact that you can't afford them...Go too your local Shaman.Or out of state Warrior medicine men.." Don't put your life of the "Mundane" Health Society of Hypocrite oath takers...#Awake.

Anonymous said...

FYI I know losing health care sucks, but Indian Clinics also take Certificate of Blood Degrees, so you can use that to get care, at least at the clinics.

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